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Wednesday 12 October 2022

 Hi folks, it's Phil here, Debbie's artist's assistant and other half.  Many of you probably know by now that my lovely Debbie passed away in hospital on 10th Oct, after a very traumatic 24 hours.  I can't detail it all here, but her ongoing problems turned nasty after a fall, and was (eventually) blue-lighted for emergency admission.  It was all too quick, and loss of blood pressure could not be halted with the inevitable results.  Very sad day!  She will be missed and remembered by many as a kind, caring, artistic, generous person.

I hope I'm doing this correctly - don't really know what I'm doing, but hey-ho, got to try!

I'll leave the blog running for now, and try to check back now and then to see what's what.

RIP Debbie  💔💔💔

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