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Friday, 19 July 2013

Plastic Stuff

Ok apologies for reposting a photo' from Wednesday but one of my lovely visitors left a comment asking what the PLASTIC STUFF was and it hadn't occurred to me to explain before so here I am doing just that!

It is just acetate run through an embossing machine (in my case a Big Shot ... but I used to do it before on my Vagabond too before it croaked) in a Texture Fades folder thingy or anything else that you can emboss with.

I now save acetate from just about anything and everything that comes through the door ... I think the plastic stuff used here might even have been the packaging from a Tim Holtz product as it is the very, very thick and sturdy sort ... I did hope for more of a torn look to the edge but the acetate was SOooooo thick I could barely rip it at all ... I am not at all happy with the straight edges here but, hey-ho, 'twas the best I could manage.  I did try cutting a wavy edge but then you don't get the white "edge" as the plastic distresses everso slightly as you tear it.

Nephew has yet to get this so no idea if he will like it ... watch this space!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Twice in a week

Haven't managed to blog for months and now twice in a week!  
Battled in the heat yesterday to make hubby's anniversary card for Sunday ... not quite how I intended as it was too hot to even think but at least he will have a card.

Hadn't got any red card so out came Tim Holtz's Distress Ink pad in Fired Brick and also used it to dye the ribbon ... not as "crinkly" as I wanted but think it just dried too fast in the heat.

 Then whilst I had the stuff to hand I made two Thank You cards I need to send and which are long overdue.  The green behind the filigree hearts is really quite sparkly and glittery.  
Now, I am not normally a sparkly and glittery type of girl but it seemed just enough here so went with it.

Oh and not crafting but just look what I did to my wall!  I just love it and it is "my" motto ... it is what my profile pic on Facebook says  but everyone says that is too dark to read ... I will put this pic on FB eventually so they can all see!

Well time marches on ... have paid return visits to all my WOYWW visitors yesterday so time to leave blog-land for now and make a note to self to remember to come back soon.

Happy Crafting!  xXx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Well, I made it to WOYWW for the first time since the ice age melted.  Of course that assumed everyone knows what WOYWW actually stands for!  What's on your workdesk Wednesday, when the brilliant Julia came up with the idea of us all sharing our desks with fellow crafters for a sneaky peek into each others worlds.  You can find us all HERE

My workdesk is as crazy as always and I am way behind with my crafting but at least I have got round to WOYWW'ing today so here goes:

 First pic is just a general view and then to my right is this mess:
You can spot my "ready for summer" rescue kit ... a bottle of water, Factor 30 Piz Buin, E45 lotion for when I forget to use it and a can of fly spray ... used mainly for wasps which I can't stand!
Oh the bottle of water is rarely used either ... hence my dehydration.
Note to self: must drink today!

 To my left ... just as crazy but just what I need within easy reach:

Also to my left on a table moved just for easy reaching of the Big Shot (no longer a Vagabond owner but to read about that you will have to go to my other postings ... we aim to keep our WOYWW'ing short and sweet but as I've not WOYWW'd for so long I am hoping Julia will forgive me!

Nearly finished! (the card, not this message ... if you have stuck with me this far you may as well read to the end!)

All that was in order to make this: Eldest nephew just passed his degree and I didn't want to make a conventional congratulations/well done card so he gets one of Auntie's "what on earth was she thinking" efforts.

 The stamp is a Tim Holtz one and should have the words "and create" at the end but a little careful placing of low-tack tape soon got rid of them!

So MUST get more crafting done today or hubby won't have an anniversary card for Sunday!

Happy WOYWW'ing everyone and I will be back to link to Julia's Stamping Ground just as soon as I can remember how to do so!