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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WOYWW #299

What is there to show you on this WOYWWednesday?!?!?  Usual chaotic mess but me having a ball doing the splodgy-on-the-craft-sheet thing and then swishing and swooshing with your card and making backgrounds ... did a fair bit of swishing and swooshing  because I got carried away but have plans for all those that worked ... not that they can't work, you understand - no skill involved in swishing and swooshing and you just either go with what you've got or bin it!  Not often I bin a background made like this because even if the whole sheet is a disaster you can easily crop a part of it to use.

Not a lot to see really .. just got from my craft cupboard out in Antarctica the conservatory what I needed to try and give myself as much working space as possible.  Didn't work ... never have enough space!

Colours never show up well on the screen but they are my favourite default colours ... do occasionally experiment with others but these are what rock my boat. It is not very often AT ALL you will hear me say this but I was kinda, sorta pleased with these!

Did mention I got carried away and splodged and splooshed some random colours for some tag cards ... not my preferred colours but am trying to appeal to those who do not like getting down and dirty and grungy like me ... kinda, sorta know where I am headed with them and they should look very different sometime soon!

So that is the weekly glimpse into my world ... all thanks to the special lady whom is Julia over at The Stamping Ground

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Clarity Challenge - February

Ok so have struggled with the theme for the Clarity Challenge this month.  Got to admit that "Floral" doesn't really rock my boat but in an effort to push myself I have, at least, Had-a-Go and entered into the spirit of things.

The stamps are  "Madeleine" , "Leafy Swirl" and "Flower Stem" and then I just grabbed my Distress Ink pads in all the shades of red and pink that I have and stamped loads of heads in both first and second generation.

Just couldn't translate the image in my head into paper and card but after five attempts I decided to call it a day and go with this one ... sorta, kinda, maybe a little bit Flower Power 60's inspired and the song "San Francisco" kept coming into my head!

So ... 

If you are going to San Franciso
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Monday, 16 February 2015

I do! I do! I do believe in fairies!

Me and my dear friend share a love of fairies so I decided to Put The Grunge Down and Walk Away and make something more fitting to your typical image of our delicate little fairy friends as a gift when I go to lunch with her today.  (but I do feel quite, quite sure that I will grunge those fairies at some point too!)

Yes ...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

A little Sunday blogging!

Should be preparing Sunday lunch for when daddy comes but am struggling today for some reason.  Not felt like this in over two and a half years but just really slumped today ... most odd.  Tomorrow all will be just fine I am sure.

But not today.

Can't stop crying and feeling angry and frustrated and hurt and upset ... anything else?  Oh yes, stressed. No reason for any of it other than that's how it is today.

So ... quick slap across the face with a wet trout (metaphorical of course, I don't exactly have a wet trout hanging around) and as these two canvasses were handed out as gifts yesterday I can now blog them.

Both pretty much the same and given in thanks to my dear friend Margaret Craner (Silvercrafter) and  Fi Scott ... both of whom were just so supportive and encouraging when I shared my first ever two canvasses.  I was ready to bin both pieces but they both said they would happily take them but I figured I'd hang on to them (buried in a cupboard!) so I can see if I ever get any better at them!

The colours look very wishy-washy (isn't that a character from Aladdin?) here whereas they were very much darker and deeper than this and at least three or four different gilding waxes had been applied and they don't show up at all ... I really am a rubbish photographer!

Can share some more stuff very soon as various pieces are handed over and some fairies should be heading this way at some point tomorrow ... just need to entice them over first, of course.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Busy Busy Busy like a little buzzy bee!

Yeah like the title says but not complaining ... not for one minute!  
Mojo has gone walkabout so many times in the past that now it is here and in full flow I aim to make the most of it!  
Can't blog the whole finished projects just yet but thought I'd get a few little peeks down in blogland ... oh, there is one card I can share as it is hubby's Valentine's Card as he won't see it here!
Just plan on getting some black gilding wax onto the black hearts  but am "having a think" ... sometimes grunge is happy being just that - grunge and doesn't need whistles and bells like gilding wax.

 Can't even say what these next three are as they are under wraps for now ... will tell all once they are out there in the big wide world ... it is with some trepidation and HUGE doubt I will be letting two of them go as the one piece is such a reflection of "me" that I feel I am kinda, sorta baring my soul by letting it go.  All three of these are versions of the wooden hearts I find I like to work on and I have recently been nudged in this direction by the lovely Sally-Ann Hanes ... she most certainly has boosted my confidence recently and I just hope I don't let her down with the one project.
Can't say more for now but all will be revealed!

Oh yes!!! I have discovered Grunge Paste!!!!!
Ok, when I say "discovered" I mean finally plucked up the courage to open the pot I have had for a while now.
First tentative steps were made a couple of weeks ago on the canvasses I blogged already but since then there has been no stopping me and I am loving the stuff ... at the moment if I can get grunge paste onto anything then I will!

All three projects above have it smeared and splodged and stencilled on and with a bit of luck I will have two more canvasses done by tonight ... hopefully!

Better crack on then ... this little bee needs to get buzzing!

WOYWW #297

My efforts to blog more regularly are failing miserably ... firstly these WOYWWednesdays roll around far too quickly ... how can it be a week already?!?!?!  Oh, hang on, it has been a fortnight for me because I missed last week ... birthday celebrations and all that!

So here I am another year older (EEK!!!!!) and certainly none the wiser but here sharing the UTTER CHAOS that is my workdesk this morning.  All left from last night as I had to stop mid-flow and knew I would be needing it all again this morning so just shut the door and left it.  What can I say?  It's a mess ... but you know when all the ideas are just flowing and you can't work fast enough to get them all out of your head and down onto card or canvas or wooden hearts ... got to say I do like my wooden hearts.

So, in order to keep this brief and keep our esteemed WOYWW leader, the gorgeous, lovely lady that is Julia over at The Stamping Ground happy I am sharing only my workdesk here this morning but am posting sneaky peeps of what I have been up to in a separate post ... can't share the whole photo's as it is stuff still under wraps until handed to the recipients.

First photo' is here in front of me ... I know, I know ... what a mess!

Second photo' is stuff piled on the chair beside me ... and daddy will need to sit on it later when he calls for his coffee and ginger nut!

And final photo' is the chair the other side of me ... words fail me really!

So apologies for the absolute jumble of my workdesk/chairs today ... I just remember all the long, bleak periods when my mojo has gone walkabout and then look at all this surrounding me and I know which way I'd rather have it!  Now then, where was I when I finished last night ... oh yes, inside of hubby's birthday card!
Happy WOYWW'ing fellow crafters!