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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Ok it's my least favourite night of the year ... well, ok, one of my least favourite because now I think of it there are quite a few in contention!  It has been an amazing year though so am counting my blessings rather than thinking of bad, sad stuff and I wish each and everyone of you a happy and healthy 2015.

Now then, this New Year's Eve sees us crafters able to blog-hop around the world all thanks to the lovely Julia over at The Stamping Ground ... I try never to blog if I don't have time to hop but am determined to make this a weekly visit throughout the new year as I missed so many last year ... not a new year's resolution you understand but, well, ok, guess it kinda is!

Just a few photo's to share as I have yet to pluck up the courage to head out to Antarctica the conservatory to get stuff in to start the cards for next year (so no workdesk for at least another half an hour ... first birthday is on 3rd Jan so that will head off with apologies for being late! Great start, eh!?!?!?!?

I seemed to have forgotten to take photo's of much of the Christmas crafting but managed a couple:

I like to make stuff for Christmas that can be put away once the festive period is over and then brought out again the following year ... all stems from childhood memories of two large embossed flat cardboard Father Christmas decorations that mommy had herself as a child and which came out year after year until they just fell apart.  On stuff I make under my "tatteredrocks" disguise I put "tomorrows memories and keepsakes being made today" and it all kinda stems from those Father Christmas shapes.

I made six of these wooden hearts this year ... each with a different message to personalise them a little bit ... they are about 8" across (maybe!) and I do enjoy making them.

Then I made a few of these decorations ... fell in love with them after seeing them in a Stampin' Up! catalogue and just had to get the dies and stamps to make them ... quite time consuming as each one has 40 "petals" ... not everyone seemed to like them but hey, I did!  

This was my friends Christmas present - she loves owls so as soon as I saw this cross-stitch chart I knew I had to sew it for her.

And these were also Christmas presents ... all started when I made myself a bobble blanket and youngest nephew saw it and said "I think I might like a bobble blanket" ... so now I am on a mission to make one for all the family (already got ALL the wool to do so!!!!) ... his is the grey and black one and the pink one was for his fiancee and the green one was for another friend.

They are full sized blankets ... 3,780 bobbles on each blanket (well, apart from the green one as I was struggling to get it finished in time so it is one ball smaller than the others!) and I just love making them. Good job really because there are around 35,000 bobbles to go before each of my family have their blankets!

Totally forgot to take photo's of this years Christmas cards but still chance I can get one before the holiday is over ... just need to remember to do so!

Well can avoid the cold of Antarctica the conservatory no longer so am off to grab my distress inks and butterfly die and Rock Candy Crackle Paint and see if I can come up with some birthday cards!

Happy New Year to everyone in craftland and look forward to WOYWW'ing with you throughout 2015!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Well, here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun!  Or something like that!!!!

Having fun?  What isn't crafted now will be finished just as soon as I can and apologies have already been sent to the late recipients of the little cross-stitched tree decorations I traditionally send out.  They will still be sent out ... just late!  And yeah, am beating myself up about it but only need to watch the news or think about family and friends who are sick right now to fully realise a few late Christmas gifts isn't the end of the world.

Will pop back later and edit this adding photo's but for now the cable thingy I need to hook up my mobile is buried somewhere under all the wrapped parcels so it should reveal itself as we sort them out for delivery sending to Father Christmas.

Just had to blog, albeit briefly, this Christmas Eve morning to wish all my wonderful crafty friends and all you WOYWW'ers out there a truly peaceful and magical and special Christmas.

WOYWW is where we can visit fellow crafters all over the world and all thanks to the beautiful lady whom is Julia over at The Stamping Ground and she can explain it all so much better than me!