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Monday, 24 June 2019

But like a comet ...

... I was wondered at
(William Shakespeare)

But I am getting used to the glazed expressions coming over faces as they wonder, "Crikey, what has Debbie done now"

Not everyone gets the whole mixed media thing
Totally get & appreciate that

But, hey-ho, it rocks my boat so I shall hold on to the pleasure I had making this and quietly plan my next project to get them all wondering

Had the idea for this in mind for a very long time
it was intended to be the sun
but it seems that vision was mine alone and suggestions were it resembled the emoticon of the devil, or it is the moon or a comet

So I am going with the comet ... hate the sun anyway so a comet is perhaps a better idea anyway

The photo's do not do it justice ... it just glows & is very much more golden when the light hits it

Products used:
"Great Art"
 1x30cm & 1 x 20cm Gerstaecker Canvas Board

"Samantha K"
2 x 10cm, 2 x 15cm & 1 x 20 Elegant Drop Frame

Perfect Pearls Mists - Forever Red

"Prima Marketing" - Finnabair
Art Basics : 
Heavy Gesso Black / Clear
Heavy Body Gel / Soft Gloss Gel
Art Extravagance :
Paper Texture Paste
Rust Effect Paste - Texture Fantasy : Fire Orange (from Anemone & Coral set)
Yellow Rust (from Military set)
Glitter set : Luminous
Art Ingredients :
Art Stones / Mini Art Stones
Art Alchemy :
Metallique Acrylic Paint - Gold Amber / Royal Red / Flame / Coral Reef
 Fresh Orange / Brass Hardware
Sparks - Phoenix Feather
Liquid Acrylic Paint - True Yellow / Tiger Orange / Carmine
Metallique Wax - White Gold / Firebird / Peacock
Antique Brilliance Wax - Red Amber
Opal Magic Wax - Vintage Silk

Stencil - Diamonds
Decorative Paper - Solar
Melange Pebbles
 Finnabair's Mechanicals & various other metal embellishments & pearls
Gold Leaf

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

WOYWW 523 - The Second ATC Edit

My very lovely friends, Shaz & Doug,  popped round last Thursday to 
deliver all my ATC's from the crop
and when I say ALL my ATC's I mean
Everso many more than I thought would come my way!!!!
Especially as I was not at the crop in person & only very much in spirit

I hasten to add I was not "expecting" any at all but one or two fellow WOYWW'ers had said they would be getting one to me so to receive so many was quite overwhelming

As my workdesk is empty this fine Wednesday I shall share with you al those little works of art that I was simply delighted to receive

 Back row from the left:
Zsuzsa (InkyDinkyDoodle), Anne Williams, Annie, Dolores (Cardarian)
Front row :
Helen (Stamping by H), Anne (Copper Beech Crafts), Shaz (Silverwolf), Christine (Bishopsmate)

Back row from the left :
Julia (our esteemed leader, much loved friend and all round superstar), Jo (Twiglet), Elizabeth (Silver Scrapper)
Front row:
Neet, Jan (LLJ), Heather M

Back row from the left:
Sarah B, Canu Camilla, Caro
Front row:
Margaret (Glitter & Glue), Catriona

I have spent AGES studying each one and am honoured to have them - true little works of art and reflections of each crafter and artist and I love them all


Right am now off to attack a project I started the day of Finnabair's last FB live 
you know, the one where she launched her new paint colours
two of which I knew would be absolutely perfect for this particular project
they just came this morning so am off to see how long it takes me to wreck my project and consign it to the bin!

Am here baring all as Wednesdays see our worldwide desk-sharing thanks to Julia over at The Stamping Ground

Happy WOYWW'ing

Oh, by the way, I have six of my own ATC's left over so if anyone would like one then give me a shout ... am very happy to post anywhere and absolutely NO exchange is necessary ... I would rather they went to good homes than be thrown away.  xXx

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

WOYWW 522 - The ATC edit

Ten years and counting
One week on already, but only four days since the wonderful crop
Have loved seeing all the photographs - looks like you had a simply
day ... as I had no doubts you would, of course!

If you are new here and would like to find out more about the recent anniversary celebrations then pop along to The Stamping Ground and see 
just what you miss by not being a WOYWW'er

I had a few ATC's arrive in the post and Shaz & Doug are popping round next week with some from the crop for me so I will post all of those together once I have them but I will share the one from my Mr Linky partner ... the very lovely Zsuzsa

Today's offering are my ATC's  
I can't do all the very arty clever stuff that make up most ATC's
So had my usual meltdown
Then half an idea formed
Don't even try to be arty and just do what you enjoy
 I decided to go for my much loved Powertex ammonites

First of all you have to make your clay - done by simply mixing Stone Art with Powertex
Gloves are a good idea

Ammonites are made using a mould - I do have a photo of them all in little rows drying but do you think I can now find that photo?  Can I heck!

Whilst they were drying I stuck the number 10 to each of the substrates and, when dry, put a layer of Stone Art over the whole ATC
Got some really super stone looking backgrounds
For which you will have to take my word because I subsequently
 covered it all up!

When that layer was dry I stuck the ammonites in place and added some details with Paperdecoration and Art Stones


Left overnight again to dry and are all ready to colour

I forgot to take any photos of the colouring stages but it is really quite simple
Bister granules dissolved in water in a spray bottle and then
well, just point and squirt

Once they were dry I mixed Powertex metallic Colourtricx pigments with a little Easy Varnish to highlight the details

Next came the problem of packaging
The traditional little cellophane ATC bags were not going to do the job
and I didn't want the ATC's to arrive at the crop as a pile of broken fragments
so I made boxes
And then decided to use my rarely used (made by) stamp
So everyone got a free sheet of loo paper too!

I made and sent along two prizes for the raffle table - I based them on a little CD project I did a while back but framed them this time
Photo below is the original piece - all done with Finnabair products

Should have taken the photos before I put in the glass ... but am not given to thinking ahead so excuse crummy photos

 So HUGE thanks to Shaz & Doug for taking them for me
and here's to the next decade of WOYWW'ing!

Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Simply can't be Wednesday again!  
Wasn't last Wednesday only yesterday?

Anyway, short and sweet just as our much loved Head Desker likes - easy when there is nothing on your desk to actually share

Just a huge gaping space where activity should be taking place ... but,  nope, nuffin'
Doubt there will be much of anything going on here today so won't wait and will just leave you with my sad looking space

This is how I left my desk yesterday afternoon after finishing the orange and green panel - didn't even clean my mat which is very unusual - nor my jam jar by the looks of it
You can just spot my Olay - in easy reach to constantly apply as I am really dehydrated at the moment and flaking away ... do I apply it constantly?  Of course not ... even though it is right under my nose!

The black case is something that appeared from the garage
Had asked Phil a few days ago if he had any small hinged tins knocking about
He hadn't but came across that case yesterday amongst stuff from daddy's that he is still sorting his way through ... it might just do the job once my mood is right

The plastic take-away box holds some resin pieces I made a while ago 
Thought I might use them on one of the panels I discarded from the swift/swallow piece I did yesterday but changed my mind

Just noticed my pencil case looks staged - proudly showing off its WOYWW badges
But I promise that is where it always is
No matter if I am here out in the conservatory or in the dining room in the colder months my pencil case HAS to be in that position - feel quite out of sorts if it migrates elsewhere!!!

A few people were asking about my walls after last weeks post so am sharing a few general photo's

I only ever intended hanging stuff on this one wall as the door you can just see is always open so hides most of it ... but I ran out of room and was told not to shove my stuff in a box but to hang it up ... so I did

Sorry for sharing the writing on the wall again but someone did ask specifically about it

I have been everso lucky to have some 10th Anniversary ATC's arrive already but they are well hidden and won't be shared until after the crop on Saturday
Just have a simply wonderful time to all those that are going ... my spirit will very much be there with you but I have to keep the body well hidden away these days for fear of scaring little children and the vulnerable (a hernia the size of a small mountain is not a pretty sight!)  Oh, the vanity!

Happy WOYWW'ing today and if you want to find out more about our desk-sharing Wednesdays then The Stamping Ground is the place to be


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

One swallow does not a summer make ...

... or is it a swift?
Really REALLY dislike summer so it doesn't really matter either way
Love little birdies though so guess it all balances out

Good job it is only spring then
But then I really REALLY dislike spring too
but don't get me started on all that!

This was intended to be a tryptich but it just wasn't working out
so I ditched two of the panels and have already painted them black so I can reuse them
Shame to hide the gorgeous green icing paste but I'd never want three pieces with the same background ... unless the tryptich idea had worked of course

The heart is based on a FB Live that Finnabair did not so long ago
But I have done lots of hearts in the past and they were starting to get some quite negative feedback so I didn't want to leave it just as a heart

So I added it to the wooden panel and balanced it out with a couple of smaller accents

Had a meltdown over the colours
I don't do bright colours
But guess they do make a change
And hubby did say "are you doing something bright for a change?"

Products used :
All are Finnabair for Prima Marketing

Art Basics - Heavy White Gesso / Soft Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel
Art Extravagance - Icing Paste : Lucky Emerald
Stencil - Iris
Stamp Set - Wild and Free
Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic Paint : 
True Yellow / Tiger Orange / Carmine / Umber / Burnt Sienna
Various metal embellishments from Finnabair and Mitform Castings

Other bits & bobs :
 wooden plank / cheesecloth or gauze / paper flowers 
offcuts of patterned papers / script stamp

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Our Earth

This is NOT my own idea or my own techniques

For the round piece I followed a step-by-step video tutorial
which you can find HERE

Life Stone by Olya Kravets

I fell in love with Olya's the moment I saw it but only recently (like Friday!) decided to give it a go

Loved it so much I made another version 
The round one says "Earth Plea"
The rectangular one says "Our Last Chance"

I saw the piece as the planet splitting open
and, goodness knows, our little planet sure does need some TLC right now

Something that always amazes me is a list of products never really seems to represent quite the amount of "stuff" you use in mixed media projects like these ... and these really don't use that many at all
so instead of a list this is what "stuff" actually looks like

Thursday, 23 May 2019


Making a habit lately (like for the last 15 years at least!) of almost quite liking a project only to then mess it up
So why should this one be any different?!

Kinda, sorta had an idea in my head and kinda, sorta got this down onto a canvas and was really quite pleased with it

Had the red heart made separately to attach but felt the proportions were not quite right so I tweaked it
and messed it up

But, of course, it was already stuck fast and firm to the canvas I did like and nothing was going to prise it off without wrecking the piece completely
(remember Ammonite-gate?  Already destroyed one canvas this week in order to save it so didn't fancy doing it a second time!)

Was sensible and slept on it over night
No drastic action this time!

Figured I could maybe tweak the heart further to make it more balanced 
Nothing was ever going to put it completely right
BUT ... can live with it at least now

Another Powertex project apart from the modelling paste down the far right hand side which is Finnabair's
and both stencils ... that on the right hand side and the diamonds are Finnabair's too but everything else is Powertex
Oh the dome thingies are Finn's  and the word is from one of Tim Holt's sticker books ... didn't actually have the word "fragile" so cut up two words I thought I'd never use and don't mind the chopped up, wonky effect of the word at all - wish I'd made it even more wonky actually

Was happy with the heart at this point
just placed on to check the position
If you compare the heart to the finished one above you can see where it all went wrong
Should have left it well alone at this point

Was pleased with the colouring too

Products used :
Powertex in Ivory, Red & Black
 Bister Sprays in Black & Red
Powertex Paper Decoration
Powertex 3D Flex
Powertex Easy Varnish
Powertex Colortricx Silver Powder Pigment
Powertex Colortricx Powerpearl Red Powder Pigment
Finnabair Stencils
Finnabair Modelling Paste
Finnabair 3D Gloss Gel
Finnabair Melange (the domes!)
Various scraps of gauze, cardboard and hessian

Who wants perfection anyway?!?

Totally inspired by Finnabair and her recent Polish Blog-hop I truly embraced the title of her piece

Perfection is Overrated
which you can read about and watch here
Fear not for it is sub-titled into English!

I have heard her say this many times during the workshops with her that I have been lucky enough to attend and it has really freed me up to let go images of how I think something should turn out and just go with the flow

At least that is what I tell myself 
but can rarely ever manage it
I must admit to turning to Finn for help on this one 

Had it at the point where I was really quite pleased with it
But, as usual, had to carry on tweaking and fiddling and ended up chucking it in the bin ... literally!
I took her advice on the colouring totally on board because I trust her implicitly and whilst it will never be my favourite piece I did really enjoy making it and doing something rather different for me
At least Finn saved it from the bin or the ever bulging Box of Failures!

For once I totally forgot to make a list of the products used 
Or maybe I did make a list but as I ended up hating it I chucked it out never expecting to blog this piece
Can probably make a guess at what I used all apart from the colours of spray inks so might pop back and edit this post at some point

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Just the most huge CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to our much loved Head Desker, Julia, on reaching the incredible achievement of ten years of Wednesday desk sharing!!!  

Bet she hadn't a clue that here she would be having seen so many new friendships forged and old ones cemented across the world during the ten years of blog hopping.

WELL DONE dear friend for  you truly deserve all the flag waving and cheering and love heading your way today!

Will keep this short and sweet, which is just the way Julia likes it ... if you are new to the WOYWW concept then you can Read All About It here at The Stamping Ground

Thought I'd share a different  view of my desk today ...and I haven't even cleared up to make it look all organised and neat and tidy ... it is as I left it when I called it a day BUT everything has now been put away ready to start on the next project ... whenever that may be.  

Nothing of any great interest I'm afraid ... you can see a finished piece bang in the centre ... a piece I was enjoying doing and was actually quite pleased with how it was going - until I did my usual thing of wrecking it by not being able to translate what was in my head to the canvas.  Am not being hasty for at the moment it is heading for the Box of Failures or I might try prising off the bit that went wrong, but am going to live with it for a few days.

The heat gun and the hair dryer are the biggest clue to the medium I was using - Powertex again!    

On the right is my new trolley - FINALLY got round to improving the storage of all my spray inks.  Each of the three layers are almost full so quite where I am going to squeeze the rest of the Oxides when they are released is beyond me.  I have decided that as I use up each of the Perfect Pearl sprays I will not replace them so will just have to re-jiggle the layers a bit.

You can just about make out my ATC for the swap but it is disguised so not as to spoil the surprise.    
I won't be at the crop on Saturday - after much thought, lots of tears and massive disappointment I shall be with you only in spirit.  
I have made ATC's though and they are already with my very dear friends, Shaz & Doug, who are bringing them along for me and Julia is being ATC monitor so do please take one if you would like one - no swap back is necessary!

So here is wishing each and every WOYWW'er a very happy 10th anniversary!