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Sunday, 19 December 2021

Catching up

 Can’t quite believe how long it has been since I blogged but, hey-ho, time flies, eh?

This is just a last minute catch up - trying to get this year’s projects recorded before the year actually ends!

There isn’t actually that much as I wasn’t able to do any art work for months

This one was based on a video from the wonderful Finnabair but as it used techniques I was already used to I decided to use it as an excersise in colour - the one area that still scares me!

Had to take a deep breath with the green but ended up glad I did as it has become one of my favourites which surprises me as it is far more shiny & sparkly than appears here - blame the limitations of my photography 

There were then several bleak months until I did this one for a birthday gift

The photo is of Nicola (&was taken by nephew Alfie)

I was asked a few years ago to do something with Chuckie’s old shoes but had neither the knowledge or abilities to even know where to start

Am glad I waited as there were tears (happy ones) when the gift was opened

I considered several photos but was drawn to this one & enjoyed matching - or trying to - the colours to the embellishments 

 I deliberately kept the horseshoes as natural as I could and the embellishments to a minimum as I wanted them to be the main point of interest

There were nails still attached to them which I wanted to use but no way could I leave them in place due to their position, so hubby removed them for me and I included three of them in the design ... can you spot them?


Nothing has stopped me doing my bobble blankets ... had a full order book pretty much all year but finally found time to do three toddler sized ones for three of my litties (great-nephews)  The eldest, Henry, already has a full sized one and the youngest, Luna, had one around her birthday back in June

Then I decided it was time Rex, Louis & Arthur proressed from their baby bobbles and I set about ordering yarn ... all carefully chosen to be similar,but different

Plan backfired ... Louis was here one day as I was working on an order & he came over to stroke it

"I don't like blue bobbles," he announced

"I like yellow ones" (right now EVERYTHING has to be yellow

So more yarn ordered and success was declared

I decided I was happy with the yarn chosen for Arthur so went with it

But then came Rex and now up aginst the clock as more orders had come in

I knew from the moment I did the first foundation row of chains that I hated that yarn and no way was it right for Rex

Might grow on me, I thought, so carried on

It didn't

So - more yarn ordered and this time I was much happier

Rex was too & his reaction made everything worthwhile

I generally only do full sized blankets but made an exception for my littles

Hugs & love from Auntie when we can't have as many real ones as we would like


Now I am able to sit for short periods of time I have lots of plans for the new year - lots of projects waiting to come to life ... or not, according to how I feel about them once done!

Watch this space and it might not be six months until my next post


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