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Sunday, 19 December 2021

Christmas 2021

Having stressed and stressed about our Christmas cards this year I had just about convinced myself to buy them

But when FTiming with one of the nephews he asked me what I was up to and I sighed that I was trying to summon up the energy and will to make the cards but also that I no longer enjoy making cards &, having not been able to sit to craft for months and months, had no idea how I was going to manage them

"So don't do them!" he urged

"Don't do them" his wife shouted from the background

But then her face appeared around the edge of the screen ...

"But everyone will be expecting a Debbie card.  We love our Auntie Debbie cards"

SOoooooo ... 100 cards later & a lot of help from hubby (including fixing my broken Big Shot) I had them done

Afraid I still had to resort to sending a few bought ones but, hey-ho, I did my best

All my usual tag style - apart from the family ones because my sister always moans that she can't stand up a tag card

Most people who know me know how much I loathe the colour pink - so had to put a warning on a couple of envelopes suggesting they sit themselves down, adopt the brace position & have smelling salts or a stiff drink at the ready

 They were all pretty much the same apart from the wording at the top ... some said WISH & some NOEL

The family still get a tag ... it's just stuck to a card that opens - I win!!!

Sorry about the splodge - wrote the card before I realised I had not taken a photo


Decided on penguins for the littlies - changed the colour of the scarves & their names but otherwise all the same

Evidentally the penguin on the inside was a great hit with Rex


 Henry had penguins last year so went with his obsession with the Marvel type characters and it was The Hulk who called to me

 I wasn't able to do much for the friends to whom I like to send a small token each year ... so had to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

 Also just about managed to make doves again this year for Nick.  I make 11 each year for the family

Poured resin doves & my much preferred mixed media style which I find easier to do than faffing around with die-cuts and bits of paper

Again the colours do not show up very well - shades of green, brown & gold

You will, no doubt, spot the very deliberate mistake - yeah, right! Only spotted it myself once it was too late to fix ... that gold icing paste dries really quite fast and there was no going back having come this far

Teach me to get up at 3am to work on these as they were playing very heavily on my mind - had almost decided I would have to admit defeat and accept my limited capabilities but just about managed to get them done

Of course, the stars in the background should be diagonal from top corner to the bottom and it annoys me intensely that I stuffed up

So that brings my year of crafting to a close

Can't believe how little I have done compared to last year with all the lockdown giveaways but guess none of us know what awaits us and we just have to go with the flow

Wishing everyone a very 

Happy Chirstmas and heartfelt wishes for a much better 2022 for everyone



  1. All lovely Debbie and well done. Love your doves. I too have struggled this year to get my cards done but like you managed most of them. Happy Christmas. X X

  2. Absolutely beautiful Christmas makes - I love the white poinsettia against the black and the little dove is exquisite. I certainly didn't notice the 'error' with the stars, I think they look great like that, but I do find we are often our own worst critics! I hope you continue to enjoy a little creative dabble now and again. Happy Christmas,
    Diana xx

  3. They are all wonderful, Debbie, you did so well. I understand your reluctance to make cards on demand - obligation always gives me a creative block, but you managed to rise above it! I'm looking at the beautiful Shaz memorabilia you so generously sent me and just want you to know that I still appreciate it very much and think of her every time I see it. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas together - hope you can fit in some creative activities as well to your heart's content. xx zsuzsa

  4. Hi Debbie, I was thinking about you only the other day and kept telling myself I should pop over to see you. Hope you';re having a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Angela xXx