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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fizzled Mojo

Well, since getting home after the Easter holidays and our wonderful nine days away in the caravan my mojo has certainly fizzled and I am now getting stressed that my cards for May won't be made in time.
I'm sorry I have not paid return visits to all you lovely people who commented on my sewing ... after MUCH deliberating I went with the lighter coloured fabric and despite a few initial reservations am now glad I did.
I managed to sew every day whilst away so got a fair bit done ... really ought to post a photo but can't quite be bothered at the moment ... like I said, mojo certainly taken a dip for just about everything this week.
I HAVE been round all your blogs and seen what you are up to and have loved seeing your work even though I've not left any comments.
Just need to bounce back a bit and then I can return to blogland with mojo fully in place just raring to go!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sending thanks

Now I know she has received it I can share this tag I made for Maggie C ... without her I would not have my little blog and am finally, slowly, kinda getting to grips with my Wishblade (which is now a Sillhouette due to some unloading/downloading/offloading/uploading or whatever it is!).
Unfortunately I made this BEFORE finding out Maggie is not a fan of the Tim Holtz grungy style but I put so much work into it I decided to send it anyway (with an apology) rather than make something more to her taste.

If you look closely you can see my brads-bashed-with-the-meat-hammer ... was pleased how they turned out and it was very theraputic!
Well, won't be able to blog for a while as we are just popping off in the caravan for a little break and won't have any mains power.
No crafting for a week ... got withdrawal symptoms already!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Okaaaay ... not my usual messy papercrafting worktop at all this week as I've had a good tidy-away of all that until after Easter as we will be away and I do like to leave the place kinda, sorta tidy!
So am busily preparing my next cross-stitch project to take with me and here are the goodies that arrived yesterday but, of course, it entails decisions, decisions and I am hopeless at them!

The design is supposed to be stitched on the darker piece of fabric but I am not at all sure I quite like the colour but do realise that this is the colour the designer chose so probably should go with the flow ... I ordered the lighter piece of fabric to give me the option.  Will get them both out in the daylight and decide ... hopefully.
Short and sweet this week as I need to be doing 101 other things ... had planned a few peaceful and quiet hours cross-stitching my current project but it is a gift for eldest nephew and he just turned up, raided the cupboards, fired up his laptop and so will be here for a good while yet so no secret sewing.
Best thing today is to pop to see all the so much more interesting workdesks than mine and you can find these at Julia's Stamping Ground HERE

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Titanic Tags

What a rotten week!  Couldn't even blog but did manage to get some crafting done and as I am a massive TITANIC fan I just couldn't let the Centenary pass without doing something so made two tags ... one for me and one to send to another Titanorak ... an internet friend that I met briefly at the Titanic Exhibition at the Science Museum in London in 2003.
They are just my "standard" tag size ... distressed with various shades of blue (couldn't be any other colour really ... it's supposed to represent the ocean!) And I added some swirls and flourishes, some of which I dusted with gold perfect pearls to represent the waves.  Absolute artistic licence, of course, as there were no waves that night.
The clock shows the time the Titanic sank (I am having to explain that to just about everyone who sees them!) and the bow of the ship was a challenge but all the effort was proven worthwhile today when daddy saw them and asked where I bought them from!  I scored down the back of them and bent them a little bit and then covered them in glossy accents and just hoped it wouldn't all slide off as they dried.  I Walked Away so not as to fiddle with them and then when they were nearly dry teased them into the pointy shape I wanted.  Only problem here was I couldn't then attach the bottom edge of the ship to the tag and didn't want to rely on the great blob of silicone glue behind to hold them into place.  Super-sticky "red" double sided tape to the rescue and I "encouraged" the bottom edge of the ship flat and then quickly stuck the message label on with more silicone.  Seems to be holding so far so think I have got away with it.
Wasn't sure about the red flag and label and experimented with grey and white but eventually came back to the red ... it seemed all too wishy-washy otherwise.
They didn't turn out quite as I imagined in my head at 2am when I was thinking about making them but they will do as a little memento of the Centenary and I just hope my friend likes hers which will be in the post in the morning!