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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Not only do these Wednesday's roll around far too fast for my liking but the bloomin' months just fly by too!  So where did April go please?

This Wednesday means only one thing ... about time I WOYWW'd AT LAST!!!!!  Been in a bit of a crafting slump and had no inspiration or desire to do any at all but my niece-in-law asked me to make her something so that has spurred me on to some sort of creativity today.

So this is my workdesk today ... bare minimum out on the table!  And the reason I am sharing this and mentioning WOYWW'ing is all Julia's fault ... slip over to the Stamping Ground to Read All About It and grab any opportunity you have to take a peek at the wonderful workdesks of your fellow crafters.  Just click the link HERE

Got to giggle ... you can see I stopped mid-sprinkle of embossing powder as I shouted out loud ... "oh it's Wednesday!"

Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW'ing xXx