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WELCOME to my little arty world! Trying to make art is a huge part of my life ... love nothing more than messing around with inks and sprays and generally making a mess!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Well the papercrafting mojo is still firmly shut in the box so I've utilised the time to sew, sew, sew and I think I've just about won Round One!!!!!
I make loads of these each year and sew the Cash's embroidered labels on the back which are always the same so no matter what designs I do the date labels are always the same! 
Am just starting on Round Two but am feeling much less stressed ... do need to still tackle a couple of cards for family but I'll get there eventually.
So this is not really my worktable today but the produce of what has been my worktable this past week or so!

This last one will be framed and sent to Australia to match one of *s*n*o*w*f*l*a*k*e*s* I did last year for my neice (I'm not really her Auntie but she does insist on calling herself my neice ... but that's just fine by me!!!!!)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Progress of sorts

OK ... so those five little tree-hanging-thingies ARE finished and nestling in the box with a few others I managed to sew whilst having our annual Autumnal Highland Adventure ... and have now started on another batch of five ... really cute little polar bears for the nephew's girlfriends (well, four of them are and I forget for whom I have ear-marked the other one!) but the papers and bits'n'bobs for the "special" family and friends cards have started to go psssst to me.  Having said that nephew-number-four's girlfriends card has been going psssst to me for a couple of weeks now and time is running out so must, must, MUST get that one done as a priority.
Will post photo's of the finished tree-hanging-thingies but they have yet to be cut out, backed with felt onto which I have sewn a "Christmas 2011" embroidered label (which I buy each year from Cash's) and have a ribbon hanging loop attached.
Goodness knows where all this psssst'ing will take me in the morning but I am hopeful I will achieve something or other.
Watch this space!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Two steps forward ...

... and then several backwards.  Or at least that is how it feels.  STILL have five half-finished projects in front of me despite several promises of "not going to bed tonight until these are finished" etc., or "these WILL be done before hubby gets home".  Unfortunately this is not taking into account the many distractions of blogging, Facebooking, quizzing, Christmas shopping, calls of nature and having to eat lunch, needing a mid-afternoon nap because you were up too late sewing, daddy calling with jam tarts and needing coffee to go with them.
SOooooo am moving the goal-posts again and saying right here, right now that these five little tree-hanging-thingies WILL be done before I go to bed tonight.  Really they will. Honest.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


SLR = Stress Levels Rising!!!!!
Oh the joy of having too much time on your hands is you never have enough time to do all you want. 
The box on my worktable contains all my Christmas crafting inspiration and mojo ... well, it must be in there because it sure as heck isn't in me right now!  To be fair I have been sewing, sewing, sewing into the wee small hours but really do need to teach my hands how to do different things at the same time ... thought us women were supposed to be able to multi-task - Oh, that doesn't mean sewing with my left hand whilst crafting with my right then? 

Am planning on spending today getting as far as I can with the old sewing ... I changed tack and instead of completing one little tree-hanging-thingy and then doing another I have five on the go stitching all the red on each one and then all the green and then all the purple etc., but that could well just mean I have five half-finished three-hanging-thingies rather than one or two complete ones ... time will tell, I guess.
Speaking of time, must crack on ... think I have just managed to put Julia's blog on my list so I don't have to access it through MAGGIEC's blog each time and now need to see if I can add myself to the WOYWW page for this week ... failed miserably last week and Maggie did it for me!  Here's hoping!  X

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I did my best!

Well, I did my best yesterday popping along to as many blogs as I could but soon ran out of time and was struggling a bit.  I will do some more today and hope for the best.  I even got up an hour early this morning to try and catch up a bit. 
Fascinating seeing where everyone does their crafting ... what an excuse to be nosey!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ok ... if all goes to plan this should be my first WOYWW!!!! Am following MaggieC's instructions to the letter so here goes ...

Okay, so they have posted in the wrong order but never mind! 

Was really excited when I saw the Christmas stuff from Bo Bunny but have not yet really been inspired to do this year's family cards ... am hoping something will fall into place today ... once I am done with blogging, of course!                                                                     

I have a wonderful huge table in our conservatory (except we don't call it a conservatory but "The Hut") and on the one wall I have two floor to ceiling cupboards ... one for crafting and the other for sewing except, er, my crafting stuff has kinda spilled over into my sewing cupboard!

I need more TIME!!!!

You know, considering I am a "lady of leisure" I have been rushed off my feet with no time to blog!  Even my darling little Farmville (Facebook) farm suffered and I lost an entire crop of jalopeno peppers!
I am absolutely determined to keep up my blog if only to act as a record of my crafting ... posting those rather old melting pot card photo's I realised how few photo's I have taken of stuff I have made and how your work changes and evolves over the years ... I certainly wouldn't make cards like that now - well, the melting pot bits would be pretty much the same but, oh dear, those backgrounds are simply awful!!!
I'm starting to get very stressed about everything I'd like to get done for Christmas ... I ran out of time last year to do all I wanted and this year looks like going the same way ... there are simply not enough hours in the day during which I can managed to keep my eyes open long enough to produce everything I have planned.  Am on point of having a rethink and deciding what I can "let-go" without beating myself up too much and feeling a complete failure.
Am hoping to make my first WOYWW post later ... once I understand what I should be posting where and what I should be doing!

Below are some of my most favourite Christmas cards I ever made ... they were made from "greyboard" and covered in Wassail papers (I think from Basic Grey) and I used heavy cotton lace and garden string and I enjoyed every moment spent making them.  If people would not get bored receiving the same style of card again I'd happily make more like this.