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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Progress of sorts

OK ... so those five little tree-hanging-thingies ARE finished and nestling in the box with a few others I managed to sew whilst having our annual Autumnal Highland Adventure ... and have now started on another batch of five ... really cute little polar bears for the nephew's girlfriends (well, four of them are and I forget for whom I have ear-marked the other one!) but the papers and bits'n'bobs for the "special" family and friends cards have started to go psssst to me.  Having said that nephew-number-four's girlfriends card has been going psssst to me for a couple of weeks now and time is running out so must, must, MUST get that one done as a priority.
Will post photo's of the finished tree-hanging-thingies but they have yet to be cut out, backed with felt onto which I have sewn a "Christmas 2011" embroidered label (which I buy each year from Cash's) and have a ribbon hanging loop attached.
Goodness knows where all this psssst'ing will take me in the morning but I am hopeful I will achieve something or other.
Watch this space!


  1. Keep at it - it's a bit like 'How do you eat an elephant?' in this Christmas crafting lark.........answer 'A little bit at a time' :)) Di xx

  2. Whoop, whoop girl - comment published right away :) Di xx

  3. Sorry you did not make it there this week, but I am glad you are still a believer. It was a member of MROC (the nephew of another long standing member, whose father owned "Sammy") who thought that Father Christmas did not exist - Phil might be able to work that one out for you with a little thought. He never questioned it after that. I am off now to see if the bread pudding is done and if the bread is risen yet.

  4. ah Debbie reading throguh the last few posts, an I so know how you feel at this time of year where every little thing seems to take so much time - well done on getting the first five done and starting the next five God bless in your toasty warm bath! Shaz in oz.x