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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I need more TIME!!!!

You know, considering I am a "lady of leisure" I have been rushed off my feet with no time to blog!  Even my darling little Farmville (Facebook) farm suffered and I lost an entire crop of jalopeno peppers!
I am absolutely determined to keep up my blog if only to act as a record of my crafting ... posting those rather old melting pot card photo's I realised how few photo's I have taken of stuff I have made and how your work changes and evolves over the years ... I certainly wouldn't make cards like that now - well, the melting pot bits would be pretty much the same but, oh dear, those backgrounds are simply awful!!!
I'm starting to get very stressed about everything I'd like to get done for Christmas ... I ran out of time last year to do all I wanted and this year looks like going the same way ... there are simply not enough hours in the day during which I can managed to keep my eyes open long enough to produce everything I have planned.  Am on point of having a rethink and deciding what I can "let-go" without beating myself up too much and feeling a complete failure.
Am hoping to make my first WOYWW post later ... once I understand what I should be posting where and what I should be doing!

Below are some of my most favourite Christmas cards I ever made ... they were made from "greyboard" and covered in Wassail papers (I think from Basic Grey) and I used heavy cotton lace and garden string and I enjoyed every moment spent making them.  If people would not get bored receiving the same style of card again I'd happily make more like this.

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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I dont mind how many times you comment. You played farmville!!!! I just gave up farmville after playing it for 2 years then I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I need to craft. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous, they've got to be hand delivered, no envelope would fit that~at least not normal sized.