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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WOYWW #337

Not even going down the road as to how long it has been since my last blog!!!! In my defence I did have a wonderful five week holiday in Scotland and a week at the WOYWW Crop 2 BPD in Burbage and time has otherwise just slipped by in a frenzy of crafting!

But back to today and time AT LAST to share with you the craziness that is my workdesk this blustery Wednesday ... for "workdesk" read dining room table as it is far too cold to work out in The Hut (what we call our conservatory) so, for a while, the chaos creeps inside the house.  The delightfully lovely Julia over at The Stamping Ground can far better explain all this WOYWW business so head on over there if you want to find out more and settle down with a cuppa and a slice of something yummy and spend a little time blog-hopping all over the world!

So to my workdesk  dining room table ... probably the last five canvasses of the year and a mad frenzy as they are intended as Christmas gifts!  Hopefully will be finished by bedtime tonight ... hopefully!

All a jumble but a system that kinda, sorta works ... out of shot on the left is a makeshift table on which is heaped yet more "stuff" to wheedle through for the canvasses.  These are at the "they are never going to work" stage but, hopefully, they will come together once I have some colour on them.

Must not forget to drink that cup of tea - green-tea-with-the-bag-in - don't drink nearly enough so must get that one down me!

Can only show sneak peeps as the recipients of these may well see them but those work in progress canvasses in the photo' above will end up looking like these ... at least, that's the plan!!!!!

SO am getting there with all the Christmas crafting ... the 150 Christmas cards are made along with around 20 or so special ones for family etc.,  Got a few wooden hearts finished but need to make more and still got loads of other stuff to get done but keep telling myself I am not stressed at all ... not even a tiny little bit ...BUT Stupid forgot to Keep It Simple AGAIN so it's a good job I quite enjoy the frenzy of this time of year.  Honest I do!

Happy WOYWW'ing!
Happy Crafting!!!!