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WELCOME to my little arty world! Trying to make art is a huge part of my life ... love nothing more than messing around with inks and sprays and generally making a mess!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Nothing on my workdesk YET ... fully plan on starting on my list of cards for 2012 and as the first birthday is on 3rd Jan I need to get going!
So all I can post for today's WOYWW is hubby's Christmas card.  The pine-cone die for my Vagabond finally arrived (shame on you Royal Mail!!!) but, of course, simply "running it through the Vagabond" does not necessarily mean I could then make the bloomin' things!  Severely burnt fingers from the glue-gun and a few missing "petals" from the cones but I managed to make three that were kinda, sorta ok and not too bad once covered in brown sparkles!  Is it called  Sparkles?  I don't think it is ... oh, silly Debbie - it's Stickles!

Friday, 9 December 2011

WOYWW131 ... but they were made on Thursday!

At last I can post a photo' of this weeks WOYWW!!!!  Not quite finished but getting there!!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Better late ...

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men ... or, in my case, a crafter-sewer-quizzer??? Just ran out of time yesterday to craft but did manage to get the last little bit of sewing done ...well, apart from now having - NO! - wanting - to sew one final little item for my sister.  She saw the stuff I'd done and announced "I want one of those" pointing to something ear-marked for someone else!!!! So, now I want to sew her one of course.  I will but not until I've done this crafting.
Am still battling with Royal Mail & the craft company I ordered the Tim Holtz pine-cone die from ... spent 20 mins yesterday listening to a robot on a recording telling me to "press 1", "press 2" etc., and wasn't able to actually get hold of a human but I just Emailed the craft company to say it pretty much looks like the recorded delivery item is lost and I NEED another one sending out URGENTLY.  
Well, here is my WOWYY photo ... a day late but perhaps better than never at all.  It shows a complete and utter mess as I just dragged my stuff into the dining room as it is far too cold to craft out in the conservatory which is where I prefer to work.  Now bear in mind I am a "neat-crafter" so this is currently "doing-my-head-in" ... need to get it sorted and organised before I can start!
So got my Michael Buble CD playing, have had my porridge, the heating just came on so I am set to spend the day with the FaNtAsTiC Mr. Holtz and will have stained and inky fingers by tonight ... bliss!!!!!!!
And if my pine-cone die never turns up then it will all have been a waste of time because I can't think what to do instead!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Er, so where did last week go then?  It was Thursday before I realised I'd missed Wednesday so whilst I have no photo' to post YET at least I know what day of the week it is and am getting ready to WOYWW!!!!!
At least that's the plan.  I PROMISE I will post a photo' later as I fully plan on Tim Holtz'ing today just as soon as the postman brings my parcel!!!!!  It was sent recorded delivery on Thursday from a company and I am still waiting!  I was ordering stuff from the regular company that I use but they were out of stock of the gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pine cone die for the Vagabond so after much searching I found one company that had some in stock.  Needless to say the parcel from my regular company (Country View Crafts) arrived the next day but the one sent recorded delivery remains in residence with our delightful Royal Mail service (who are, quite, quite hopeless at times!)
Sooooo, I shall make a start on hubby's card in anticipation of the die arriving ... might have to go to Plan B should it prove to be lost but am not moving from here until I have finished some sewing and, if all else fails, then I shall post a photo' of that!