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WELCOME to my little arty world! Trying to make art is a huge part of my life ... love nothing more than messing around with inks and sprays and generally making a mess!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Well, I'm here!
Mojo crept back a little bit yesterday but proved something to me ... not so much a loss of mojo but a loss of confidence after some very negative comments recently from sister-dearest about some stuff I made.  The people who asked me to make the cards were over-the-moon with them but it tends to be just the negativity that I hear.
Still, dug deep and got my stuff out yesterday and nephew Eddie's card is a work in progress ... almost finished but knowing what the reaction from some people will be I am having to push myself to finish it.
Pity really because the moment I got out those inks and got a whiff of the grungeboard and started messing around I was lost in the process and realised how much I have missed crafting.
Other nephew's girlfriend is due soon to do more crafting so no time to blog today but will pop around as many blogs as I can tomorrow when I have a quiet day again.
So my workdesk is very boring as I was working only on the one card but here it is  for all you WOYWW'ers out there!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time ... it sure does fly!

Can't quite believe how long it has been since I blogged!  Came as quite a shock!  
Have hit a bit of a low patch and managed only to do enough card-making to keep up with this year's birthdays and anniversaries and then had a few cards to make as commissions ... except I can't really call them that because I still don't feel able to charge for whatever I make for someone else.
Now I have all the June birthdays looming which include two of the nephews and I have plans to make them very OTT but hopefully I can lose myself in making them and the mojo will return.