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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Well, I'm here!
Mojo crept back a little bit yesterday but proved something to me ... not so much a loss of mojo but a loss of confidence after some very negative comments recently from sister-dearest about some stuff I made.  The people who asked me to make the cards were over-the-moon with them but it tends to be just the negativity that I hear.
Still, dug deep and got my stuff out yesterday and nephew Eddie's card is a work in progress ... almost finished but knowing what the reaction from some people will be I am having to push myself to finish it.
Pity really because the moment I got out those inks and got a whiff of the grungeboard and started messing around I was lost in the process and realised how much I have missed crafting.
Other nephew's girlfriend is due soon to do more crafting so no time to blog today but will pop around as many blogs as I can tomorrow when I have a quiet day again.
So my workdesk is very boring as I was working only on the one card but here it is  for all you WOYWW'ers out there!


  1. I sell in three shops and do craft fairs. One shop the stuff flies out, but the others just trickle and make me wonder why I bother. It all boils down to personal taste - and I like your stuff, so carry on please!

  2. Bette, you are much stronger than to let someone put you down, never give in to other people . I love the look of the card on your desk. Your such a great crafter and it would be such a loss to others if you just gave up. Hugs Rita xxx 67

  3. ...this is just amazing so well put together & a lot of thought gone into all your elements...superb makings...Mel :) #21
    You may find as is often true people who are negative about your work etc are actually jealous and their envy turns to negativity...stride forward cos if we didn't like what you do we wouldn't leave comments :)

  4. Hi Debbie. I love you card and other crafty creations. Here is an idea ... next time there's a family gathering take some spare card with you and give a piece to everyone present, except the negative person. Ask them all to mark your cards/creations out of ten. You can explain to the negative person that you are carrying out a survey and as they are critical they can't participate. I am sure that will get the message across !! Hugs Annie x

  5. Hi honey - ignore the negativity - your work is super! Sorry, but it's mean and uncalled for, just let them have a go - snigger, and let me judge :)

    Chin up and ignore, as I said - if you can ignore the big green stripe running down their spine :)

    Love and hugs, Di xx

  6. I'm with everyone else, ignore the negativity. It probably is a symptom of something else, like envy or spite or just a need to belittle. Since it is sister you can't really cut her out of your life (I'm all for ditching negative nellies though). You could try asking her for some critical feedback and more specific information just to see if she can defend what she says. Or it might not be worth it. I say do what makes YOU happy as long as no one gets hurt and it doesn't scare the farm animals.

  7. Ignore them, your card looks pretty fantastic to me, keep your chin up and know you are a super dooper crafter! Coz us WOYWWers says so! Take care & enjoy WOYWW, hoping your Thursday is a lovely one! Zo xx 80

  8. What a brilliant card, I am sure Eddie will love it. As for the negativity, try and ignore it, they are not worth the waste of energy. Your work is really good, they are the boring ones not you. I have had many a run in with other people regarding my art and it hurts but at the end of the day they are probably jellous of what you do.

    Keep up the good work, if you need a pep talk contact me.
    Eliza #49

  9. Ohhh! I'm loving the vintage look of your card! Well done!

    Jeannie #75

  10. Love your work... Ignore the negativity.. we all enjoy and love all you do... maybe she is a little jealous of your creations ??? as they are fabulous.. Eddie will love this card I'm sure.. Hugs May x x x#30

  11. Family!!Gosh, your sister has a NERVE!! Grrr....Just stick out your chin and carry on. There will always be DETRACTORS!!Just makes you more determined to carry on and succeed!!I used to teach, so I know what Put Downs can do to someone.
    Judy #5

  12. Debbie, I quite agree with May and Judy. Don't let others put you down. You know that I am not a fan of the Tim Holtz style, but it does not stop me from greatly appreciating the lovely piece of work you did for me. You probably are not so keen on the style I favour, but we are all entitled to our own choices. However, no-one should put anyone else down. My answer to anyone who complains about anything I do, is to hand it all over to them to do better (if they can). No-one ever criticised the way we did the results for the Major's, because they knew the job would land on their laps instantly. You carry on doing it your way, and experiment to suit yourself (send her a cheap bought card off the market in future). Enjoy it!!!!!

  13. Hi Debbie, it's now almost October and you haven't done a post since this one. Are you OK - I do hope it wasn't mean comments from your sis that put you off - all of us bloggers leapt in and said just ignore it.

    I'm worried :(

    Hugs, Di xxx