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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Been a while

Okaaay ... I knew it had been a while since I visited my dear little blog but didn't quite realise HOW long!  
Confidence taken a huge bashing so whilst I have been crafting away continually since my last post I've not felt able to share anything as comments about my work have left me wondering if it is worth me bothering to carry on crafting.
Then I decided I bloomin' well love crafting whatever the results ... the smell of the ink and papers, peeling off the backing to the double sided tape, firing up the Vagabond, cutting and trimming and matting and layering and ... well, you get my drift!
Then I reminded myself why I started my blog in the first place ... for ME! Doesn't matter if family & friends don't "get" what I do ... I will make and give them their card and they can throw it out but I'm going to carry on and keep calm and all that and harden myself to all the negative comments.  Don't get me wrong ... I don't expect everyone to like what I do and I am very happy to receive constructive criticism but comments like "what a daft idea" don't inspire me to carry on much at all.
I am posting a few photo's of the few cards I bothered to photograph and am including them here so I can drag my blog up to date :

This is an example of the card that caused the most controversy!  I made several ... some in my favourite browny colours and then some in pink for the girls!  I had a few "Big O" birthdays this year and thought celebrating the passing of time with little fob/pocket watches might be an idea.  
Well, it was an idea but didn't seem to go down too well (hence the "what a daft idea" comment mentioned above).
To be fair the recipients seemed to like them - although one did go, "Oh!" and gave a puzzled expression upon opening the card!
I'd inked and stamped and embossed acetate and alcholol inked and worked long and hard on these cards but guess you can't win them all, eh?

This one went down quite well! Made two the same ... one being for my nephew's girlfriend ... I like doing number cards like these for special birthdays even if they are a bit naff.

 This was a new home card for nephew number 2 and his girlfriend ... doesn't show on the photo but I glossy accented the word "HOME" and there is a little key hanging from the ribbon. The message was printed onto acetate.
 All my birthday cards this year followed a theme ... butterflies for the girls and cogs for the boys ... have posted cards made earlier this year already but am including this one because the recipient of one exactly the same as this rang me last night to thank me for "her wonderful card" and to ask how I had done the "calendar" as a card-making friend of hers wanted to know.

This was made for a 70th birthday and I did one the same for a 40th too.
My sister's birthday card. She sat beside me when I gave it to her.  She opened the envelope. Took out card. Read it. Put card back in envelope. And didn't say a word.  Guess she didn't like it!  The inside was pretty too!

I am about to start my Christmas cards and have a sort of idea where I am going with them (probably to M&S to buy them and save all the Shock! Horror! Debbie, what were you thinking!!! )  They do 3 for 2 offers, right?
Am now quite determined to keep my blog up to date and am going to spend time catching up with all of your blogs so bear with me!
My name is Debbie and I am a crafter ... no matter what!!!!!!!


  1. Well all I can say is I'm glad she is not my sister!!! My sister is very supportive of all the things I make.Sis is into knitting big time and I love what she does too. Keep trying to get her to start a blog of her own. Keep doing what you love making. Never mind the rest of the em. What do they know anyway. It pleases us fellow bloggers to come and see what you have been up to and to be able to leave comments and praise. You have a gift and it is of your own making so show us what you got dear friend. Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. They never closed the Windmill Theatre you know!!!!

  2. I won't repeat what Mrs A has just said, but I agree wholeheartedly with everything.If people behaved like that to me, they would be off my list and would just get the cheapest tattiest card possible from the market in future. That is just being so ungrateful to behave in the way they did. You know that my style is very different to yours, but I do appreciate the tremendous amount of work and love you put into your cards (and I have kept all the ones you sent me with my other treasured cards). In fact, there are two of your cards in this post that I really like, the 18th and the 50th, really stylish and elegant. Whatever your ungrateful friends/relations say, keep going and have fun with your crafting. That is what it is about - FUN! And keep blogging! xx Maggie


  3. I really feel for you I have been in the same position with some family and friends in the early days, but worse still people out there in the art community. I closed ranks about 3 years ago now and stopped doing altered art and hanging with people that I thought were nice but they were horrible. I now just do cards; it is all I can manage when the ego has taken a bashing. I used to do altered stuff and loved it, now I think I am in a better place and do cards. I think your cards are wonderful, it's not what or how or when but you have taken time, love and care to create something special for someone, regardless they should appreciate it. I had to look up the word Naff didn't know what it meant being an Aussie and laughed. I don't think numbers are uncool, I really like them. Your work is beautiful and from the posts that I have just checked, amazing, you have a talent and a love for craft stick with it girl.

    Thanks for popping in on me I have sent a private email hope.

    My saying for the day

    Keep on smiling; it will confuse your enemies