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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Back with a vengance!

I'm back and no matter how silly my little lot find the concept I am jolly well going to keep right on blogging!!!!
Now, the trouble with this time of year, of course, is not having enough hands, nor hours in the day, to do as much as I need to get done.  Am already in full panic mode and if I am card-making then I am stressin' that I should be cross-stitching the little tree decorations I traditionally make and give as little gifts ... and vice-versa, of course.
I even considered "letting-go" the tree decorations this year but :
a) would then have to think of alternative little gifts to buy and
b) there would be a gap in the dates ... I sew an embroidered (not by me!) label on the back of each decoration and can't bare the thought of 2012 being missing
SO ... am constantly juggling sewing/crafting/sewing/crafting ... oh, and I do quizzes by the shedload so have to make time for them too!
Each January I have always started my birthday/anniversary etc., cards for the whole year and just plough through my list until they are all done ... leaving the rest of the year for all the unexpected cards that crop up or to tackle anything I am asked to make.  This year I decided to do it differently and work my way through the year a month ahead ... BIG MISTAKE!!!!  I have spent this entire weekend in a mad panic (I seem to always be in a panic of some sort or another) as I still had a few cards for the beginning of November to make and several for December. And I haven't even started my Christmas cards yet BUT am now down to just four cards for this year left so a good weekend's work really.  On two of those remaining cards I had planned to use the little fob/pocket watches but as they haven't really gone down too well I am now in quite a dilemma as to what to do ... go ahead and use them because I really want to, or admit defeat and do something different.  Watch this space and I will let you know when I know myself!
Tomorrow will be spent making some sample 21st invitations that I have been asked to make so I need to find time to make 100+ invitations too.
At least it keeps me quiet and out of mischief.
And next time I might just tell you about "invitationgate" ... but that's another story!


  1. You sound just like me. Flitting from to the other as deadlines loom. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. I added another deadline problem to all the rest I have - that of getting two or three demonstration cards each month ready to post as a new member of the Design Team for Craft A Scene blog. The Christmas cards are basically done, just need inserts for whoever gets which card. The envelope labels are done, but it just depends now, who will go onto an ecard list rather than paying a fortune for postage. Keep calm and keep crafting, Debbie. Remember, the miseries get the cheap rubbish from the market. Have fun and keep blogging. xx Maggie