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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Well, I've just fallen off my chair in shock at making it to blogland AT LAST!!!!!  Can't believe it has been so long and really do need to get into the habit of posting at least on a weekly basis when us WOYWW'ers meet up for a peek around each others desks.  
My intention when starting my blog was mainly to have somewhere to record the crafty things I get up to and then realised it was MY blog so didn't HAVE to be just about crafting so maybe I really also need to try and fill in the gaps between my weekly WOYWW posts ... time will tell I guess.
SO much to catch up on but will keep this brief or the FAB - U - LOUS Julia over at the Stamping Ground, and our host each Wednesday will throw rotten tomatoes at me and slap me across the cheeks with a wet trout ... cruelty to trout I say!
My desk is still piled fairly neat and tidy from last night when I crafted my little fingers off trying to catch up on my Christmas crafting - am way, way behind and will have to admit defeat at some point but am not going down without a fight!

Second photo' is stuff piled on the chair beside me as I always run out of room when crafting at the dining room table ... I like to think the restricted space keeps me tidy and focused but, in reality, it stresses me out and makes me cross.
Am currently calm and collected but have yet to pick up where I left off last night so there is time yet for the meltdown.  Will only be a mini-meltdown because I don't have time for a better one.
Must crack on - simply got to get these cards done today so I can then move on to next project on the list.
Happy WOYWW'ing everyone and if you want to check out what is going on this soggy, damp & grey Wednesday morning, then you can do so at The Stamping Ground