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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wednesday again ... WOYWW 315

Haven't really got time to blog today so this will be short and sweet whilst my Gesso is drying!  

Desk as left it last night except for the pot of Gesso and freshly painted mini-canvas all ready to spritz and splatter and mist and sprinkle with colour ... the scary part I find where I still have to take a deep breath before taking that first squirt!

Box on the right is all ready and waiting to be sent off with a canvas in it ... hesitating to actually get it in the post as all sorts of negativity and worry flood my tiny wee brain ... 'twas a commissioned piece you see so all the "what if's" come into play ... it WILL be in the post today though so I shall have to practise Calming Thoughts until I hear back that it is ok.  SOoooo stressful.

Well, that Gesso looks dry to me so off to spritz and squirt ...
as you do on a Wednesday morning.

Happy WOYWW'ing fellow bloggers - and if you want to know what it is all about or take a peep into the wonderful world of us crafty bloggers then head to The Stamping Ground where all is made very clear.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Clearly Overwhelmed

One last post for today ... simply got to get this one down in the history books.

Won't repeat the info., given in a previous post but was SOMEHOW chosen as a Top Five for the Clocks challenge at Clarity ... was somewhat overwhelmed and so, so grateful for this as, whilst it was not a sad piece of work to produce, it totally represents the last nine years of my life and I could not have done anything differently with this project.  

Getting Top Five kinda, sorta brings me full circle ... can't quite explain what I mean but to put your entire heart and soul into a project and then have it recognised - well, it just blew me away.

Thank you Clarity Challenge Team!

Caravan Crafting

A first for me -  well, have knitted, crocheted or cross-stitched in the caravan for years and years of course but never thrown in my tote-bag-on-wheels-with-its-matching-tabletop-tote-bag-thingy before but needs must!

Heading off for the ALRC National Land Rover Rally (which our club, the MROC was hosting this year) but with a trip to the WOYWW crop down in Burbage and then up to attend the Finnabair workshops in Harrogate meant I needed to take stuff with me.

Proved useful as hubby was off helping prepare the site for the rally ... over 400 caravans can't just turn up without a little preparation you know ... so he erected signs and roped off this area and that area and generally ran around like a headless chicken and I sat all calm and collected, in my caravan, crafting.  Bliss!

So, roughly in chronological order ...  you take along whatever you fancy to work on to the crop so decided on a canvas.  A very new concept for me but am loving it ... have yet to really be pleased with any of my results but am not admitting defeat yet and Will Persevere!

I made a few wooden hearts too ... I do love making these.
Experimented with a different format but do not like it at all - might be the colours putting me off but am rethinking this design and will stick to my grunge-pasted efforts rather than plonking on a huge flutterby me thinks.

The first two are now stuffed in the cupboard probably never to see the light of day again ... but I might see if I can tweak them at some point.

This one I did as a gift to say thank you to one of our Land Rover friends.  Our 'fridge in the caravan decided to challenge us by not working (had just been shopping too so fifty quids worth of stuff ended up in the skip!!!) - anyway, word got around we were struggling and then appeared our friend with their cool box - and she came each morning with fresh ice packs she had frozen in her caravan for us and swapped them over ... couldn't have managed without that help! 

The husband of another Land Rover friend now caravans on his own as his wife has Alzheimers and - well, it is just desperately sad and cruel.  Jaquee was a joyous and bubbly loud lady whom was adored and is very much missed.  I chose bright and cheerful colours and asked Rob to take this to her - she no longer really remembers who any of us are but I certainly know who she is and she was one of life's special people who filled you with joy just by being with them.  

And then back to my preferred waxed and polished grunge paste in subtle muted tones ... this one made for a friend I was meeting at the Finnabair workshops and as a thank you to her for the endless questions leading up to the event.

Needed to make a "With Regret" but wanted something different so used my much loved Tim Holtz big butterfly to make a garland.
Oh yes, have also discovered Brushos ... all Maggie's (Silvercrafter) fault but I experimented and discovered you can dye your ribbon with them and I LOVED the effect so can't wait to make more of these.

Getting  a bit picture heavy so might blog the rest later ... it's a busy life being a crafter!


Well I did see the surface of the table for all of, ooooh, three minutes - ok, partial surface of the table but a clear table is not a crafty table so I actually prefer this view.

Complete and utter chaos which surprises me as I really do not like working in such a mess and goodness only knows how it happens ... but happen it does ... regularly, so just better to work with it than not work at all.

This photo' is to the right ... see even having to dry the latest grunge-pasted wooden heart on top of my glass of water as there was no room elsewhere!

Second photo' is directly in front of me ... more drying on my cup of tea this time.

And to the left .. like I said - crafting on the edge.
On the edge of a whirlwind where, amongst the chaos and carnage I can just about manage to find what I need!

Hoping to blog other projects and stuff later but have had commissions to make two wooden hearts and a canvas so, er ...

(and yes, I am most definitely taking the P out of myself here folks!!!)

Happy WOYWW'ing fellow crafty bloggers!
(Wednesday again you see and a little blog-hopping to see the wonderful workspaces of crafty friends courtesy of our amazing, beautiful, much loved host Julia over at The Stamping Ground