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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Well I did see the surface of the table for all of, ooooh, three minutes - ok, partial surface of the table but a clear table is not a crafty table so I actually prefer this view.

Complete and utter chaos which surprises me as I really do not like working in such a mess and goodness only knows how it happens ... but happen it does ... regularly, so just better to work with it than not work at all.

This photo' is to the right ... see even having to dry the latest grunge-pasted wooden heart on top of my glass of water as there was no room elsewhere!

Second photo' is directly in front of me ... more drying on my cup of tea this time.

And to the left .. like I said - crafting on the edge.
On the edge of a whirlwind where, amongst the chaos and carnage I can just about manage to find what I need!

Hoping to blog other projects and stuff later but have had commissions to make two wooden hearts and a canvas so, er ...

(and yes, I am most definitely taking the P out of myself here folks!!!)

Happy WOYWW'ing fellow crafty bloggers!
(Wednesday again you see and a little blog-hopping to see the wonderful workspaces of crafty friends courtesy of our amazing, beautiful, much loved host Julia over at The Stamping Ground


  1. But you are an Artist! and you are in Residence! Lovely to see your art in progress, there is nothing happening on my floor space at all! Have a fab week. Helen 3

  2. There's no need to take the P out of anything! I got one of your gorgeous ATCs and tags in my goody bag from Julia, and they are SUPERB! Many thanks :)
    RosA # 8

  3. YOU are definitely an artist!!! You have commissions to prove it!
    Enjoy the week
    Bishopsmate #10

  4. I also got one of your gorgeous tags and ATCs from you from the swap. You make simply STUNNING art. And you are truly an artist. I was certainly impressed, and really like those hearts. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  5. The hearts looking good . Happy woyww Jill #21

  6. lol glad i am not the only one who ends up going for their drink only to remember that something is drying on the top of it!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    have a great week
    Charlie x #15 or find me here

  7. I'm not surprised you've got commissions for your hearts and canvases.....having seen you create them (and being the proud owner of many things from you) they deserve to be seen by more folk!!
    Hugs, LLJ

  8. I'm a balance drier too - I simply dont trust myself to leave things on the floor and if that can't happen, they have to go on top of desk detritus! Must be nice to be home and working at a permanent table for now!

  9. Hi Debbie you are obviously a very busy girl so wont keep you too long. I must have a look at these hearts and canvases, sound lovely. Have a great woyww and happy crafting,
    Angela xXx 24

  10. Loving all your distressed inks.
    I don't have a single one yet lol
    I love looking at messy desks so much more to see.
    Although I have to say for a messy desk yours is still quite tidy lol :) #27

  11. Ooh wow i totally love that heart! Nice chance to red! Lea #34

  12. Hi Debbie, love it! Nothing like being a balanced drier. I think we probably all do a bit of that. I've been getting the new Distress colours too- bit disappointed with the recent Mermaid Lagoon. Lovely colour, but seems almost identical to Salty Ocean to me. Not at all surprised that your hearts are in such demand, you shouldn't be either. Have a great week, Lots of love & hugs, Shaz xxxxxxx

  13. Well done with your commissions and I love your stash of Distress Inks.
    sandra de

  14. But you create such wonderful pieces so I say you are an Artist! Loving the drying options. I do that too. Projects can be found drying on any available surface in my craft room!! Enjoy your week. Take care Zo xx 39

  15. I must admit drying is always the least favourite part, I often stack mine - much to my regret later as I peel them apart!

  16. Lovely wooden heart you're creating there. I can't wait to see it completed. And there's nothing wrong with creating on the edge! :)

  17. Looks like you are having a lovely crafty time there : D. Happy WOYWW! #44

  18. Hi Debbie, happy WOYWW - like to see others using up all parts of ones desk, even the cups, if you don't put them up out of the way I always seem to manage bumping or smudging the work. Have a great week RobynO#16

  19. I love hearts...totally worth all the time it takes. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #43