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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Better late ...

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men ... or, in my case, a crafter-sewer-quizzer??? Just ran out of time yesterday to craft but did manage to get the last little bit of sewing done ...well, apart from now having - NO! - wanting - to sew one final little item for my sister.  She saw the stuff I'd done and announced "I want one of those" pointing to something ear-marked for someone else!!!! So, now I want to sew her one of course.  I will but not until I've done this crafting.
Am still battling with Royal Mail & the craft company I ordered the Tim Holtz pine-cone die from ... spent 20 mins yesterday listening to a robot on a recording telling me to "press 1", "press 2" etc., and wasn't able to actually get hold of a human but I just Emailed the craft company to say it pretty much looks like the recorded delivery item is lost and I NEED another one sending out URGENTLY.  
Well, here is my WOWYY photo ... a day late but perhaps better than never at all.  It shows a complete and utter mess as I just dragged my stuff into the dining room as it is far too cold to craft out in the conservatory which is where I prefer to work.  Now bear in mind I am a "neat-crafter" so this is currently "doing-my-head-in" ... need to get it sorted and organised before I can start!
So got my Michael Buble CD playing, have had my porridge, the heating just came on so I am set to spend the day with the FaNtAsTiC Mr. Holtz and will have stained and inky fingers by tonight ... bliss!!!!!!!
And if my pine-cone die never turns up then it will all have been a waste of time because I can't think what to do instead!

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  1. ah here you are patiently waiting for the post and the you have the phone battle with a non person how very frustrating is that, Deb, glad it it did turn up eventually, Shaz in Oz.x