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Thursday, 3 November 2011

I did my best!

Well, I did my best yesterday popping along to as many blogs as I could but soon ran out of time and was struggling a bit.  I will do some more today and hope for the best.  I even got up an hour early this morning to try and catch up a bit. 
Fascinating seeing where everyone does their crafting ... what an excuse to be nosey!


  1. Aw Debbie, that's amazing! You don't have to visit everyone but it's so sweet of you to try! And isn't it a bit addictive having a good old nosey at what folk are up to :)) Di xx

  2. I was going great guns commenting last night until my server went down again for the thrid time and it's not any better tonight so I have resorted to my iPad on my knee instead. Your cupboard looks very tidy but what about the other one! hugs Mrs A. #113.

  3. I try for around 50 then once in a while do a marathon ...I always take 2-3 days. Everyone had their own way of attacking the list for example every 5th or such .... the first so many and the last few etc ...I favour the latter and then I check I haven't missed any favourites and I always visit those that visit me.

    I will write out the recipe as its one that I actually remember and its not in a book ...glad to do it ...will get back to you.xx