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Friday, 6 April 2012

Sending thanks

Now I know she has received it I can share this tag I made for Maggie C ... without her I would not have my little blog and am finally, slowly, kinda getting to grips with my Wishblade (which is now a Sillhouette due to some unloading/downloading/offloading/uploading or whatever it is!).
Unfortunately I made this BEFORE finding out Maggie is not a fan of the Tim Holtz grungy style but I put so much work into it I decided to send it anyway (with an apology) rather than make something more to her taste.

If you look closely you can see my brads-bashed-with-the-meat-hammer ... was pleased how they turned out and it was very theraputic!
Well, won't be able to blog for a while as we are just popping off in the caravan for a little break and won't have any mains power.
No crafting for a week ... got withdrawal symptoms already!


  1. Just in case you can read this, Debbie, what do you call cross stitch - that is still crafting. You could always take some printed images to colour in, which is what I do, or have a go at some Zentangle. All you need for that is some paper and a thin pen. Have fun at Eastnor. xx Maggie

  2. What a fabulous TAG it has everything I LOVE IT , you have a great talent here. Hugs Elaine

  3. Debbie, I bet your friend really loved this, maybe now she will look at grunge with a different view. Stunning card. You enjoy your break and like you I will be AWOL from Monday too. Have a lovely Easter my friens. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Brilliant tag Debbie! I don't venture into grunge, but that's because I doubt if I could do it at all well - this is great and I bet Maggie is pleased.

    Enjoy your break!

    Di xx

  5. ...this Tag is the essense of Tim from the colours to the elements...it's a wonderful piece of work Debbie so never apologuise for your creativity...mel :)

  6. Are you okay Debbie not seen you lately, Hugs Elaine