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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fizzled Mojo

Well, since getting home after the Easter holidays and our wonderful nine days away in the caravan my mojo has certainly fizzled and I am now getting stressed that my cards for May won't be made in time.
I'm sorry I have not paid return visits to all you lovely people who commented on my sewing ... after MUCH deliberating I went with the lighter coloured fabric and despite a few initial reservations am now glad I did.
I managed to sew every day whilst away so got a fair bit done ... really ought to post a photo but can't quite be bothered at the moment ... like I said, mojo certainly taken a dip for just about everything this week.
I HAVE been round all your blogs and seen what you are up to and have loved seeing your work even though I've not left any comments.
Just need to bounce back a bit and then I can return to blogland with mojo fully in place just raring to go!


  1. ...keep smiling Debbie...everything will fall into place you see, it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things when you get back from time away...Mel :)

  2. Have a go at something completely new and see what that does for your mojo. Zentangle is a good one as it can be done with minimum equipment, just paper/card and a thin black pen. Forget anything else for a couple of days, until you are desperate to get back to it. Glad you had a good time at Eastnor. xx Maggie

  3. Hi BetteK, hope you are ok - long time no hear!

  4. Called by to see if I missed any posts, but see you are feeling a bit flat. Sometimes changing projects for a day or two, can give you the confidence to go back to the one you 'have' to do. I have something that has to be in the post tomorrow - hence the fact I am on the computer, not at the sewing machine! (Ah, I see, MaggieC gave similar advice, in which case if it didn't work, spoil yourself!).