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Friday, 2 April 2021

Let there be light

 Finnabair has kept us Patreons busy with all her wonderful on-line workshops - both live and pre-recorded

This one was live and my attempt is almost a direct copy of hers as I wanted to get to grips with the techniques she demonstrated

The little light unit itself was from Ikea & they were fast disappearing as Finn worked through her demo - wish I had bought more now but maybe it is a good thing I only bought one

I attempted to buy a suitable candlestick at the same time but had to laugh when it came ... note to self: check the sizes before ordering!!!

The light is battery operated & still opens so the battery can be repaced should the need ever arise & himself was on hand to chop down the candlestick to a more appropriate height - the bonus being I now have another half of a candlestick to play with ... win-win really

Object of the workshop was to achieve the patina look that old brass gets over the years ... gold shiny bits showing through where stuff has been handled 

I did completely miss out one stage by not paying enough attention but managed to get a result of sorts


Excuse the messy background but spot the deliberate mistake

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