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Friday, 2 April 2021

Rusty Alarm Clock & Midnight Notebook

 As one of Finnabair's Patreons I was gifted these two workshops - a quite unexpected but wonderful treat!

Each year Art Venture by Gather run a huge event in California but, of course, in the times of a pandemic this could not go ahead so it was the internet to the rescue and they went on-line

Only disadvantage being the cost of shipping meant the kits for each class were not an option for most of us outside the US - not a problem for me as I had most of the stuff anyway and it was a wonderful weekend as Finn took her turn teaching her two classes

Most definitely an advantage was being able to participate on-line - classes I would otherwise have missed 

The idea was you crafted along during the live workshops but I prefer to watch and then create later as the video's remain available for all participants

First workshop was the clock

Finn used a photo' inside her clock but I am not keen on using photos so struggled to think of a focal point - then it came to me!  Had been saving this pocket watch for a a few years, waiting for the right project to come along - I think it was waiting for Finn's alarm clock all along!

I was going to grunge it up but thought it so beautiful as it was I left it well alone - the inside of  the clock is quite dark so the shiny pocket watch is a perfect contrast



I took a photo of the inside before assembling the clock as much of the detail is lost

The next day saw the notebook workshop

I loved the colours Finn used in her workshop so used the same - the main difference being she put a different image behind the large pebble as a focal point

I struggled not having anything really suitable so, as I have been trying to learn how to draw gems I decided to throw caution to the wind and include one of my own

Hilarious, I know, but I actually quite like the result


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