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Friday, 2 April 2021

Spark of Life

 Another piece inspired by an on-line class Finnabair did for her Patreons - I loved the colours she used and knew it would be a challenge for me to use similar

Just took a deep breath and went with it knowing I could always paint it over and start again if it went wrong

For once I am TOTALLY happy with what I did and it might even be one of my  favourite pieces of all time

Again struggled to decided what to use as my focal point - Finn used her new bird skulls moulds but skulls of any kind are not really for me so I knew they were not an option

Had a good rummage through my box of gathered bits & bobs and the spark plugs called to me

Knew I wanted to work an a tatty plank of wood so himself went off on a mission to see what he could find and came back with a recently replaced fence panel - I wanted it a little more jaggedy so into the garden he went to stamp on it ... still too long

Can you lost about three inches of it? 

More stamping and then it was just what I wanted


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  1. I love this! I would make it for hubby so he could hang it in his workshop or his 'man cave'! He has loads of all sorts of stuff laying around, so I'm off now to see what I can find! Thank you for the idea and inspiration!