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Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Anniversary ATC's

 Now they have all been received I can share my ATC's made for the WOYWW 12th Anniversary

I wasn't able to make nearly as many as I normally do - mainly due to total brain failure as I read Julia's blog each week but still failed to pick up on the fact I actually need to make the ATC's in time for the anniversary

That, plus i simply have no idea where time goes and the anniversary came around before I knew it

Once I knew what I wanted to do I really enjoyed making these but, having been chastised in the past for not making proper ATC's I have been on tenterhooks waiting for the backlash

None has come so I guess all is well!


They have not photographed at all well and are more shimmery than appear here but you get the idea

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  1. Your ATC's are so unique Debbie - little dimensional works of art! "not proper" please! Unconventional and out-of-bounds, yes, but that's good in my book! Love all the little details in them, like the microbeads, for example! Those of us who have received one are so lucky! Have a lovely week, Debbie and thanks so much for visiting earlier! Shame you don't blog much but I'll catch you on FB! xx zsuzsa #26