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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

WOYWW 625 - One year and a week

See, that's just how it happens 

One week into our 12th year already - they say time flies when you are having fun so am choosing to ignore what a grotty week it's been and focus on the good things

Like my beautiful collection of ATC's that arrived!

How wonderful it is to have little pieces of original artwork - reflections of those who have made them - each beautiful and unique

I feel very lucky indeed 


Are they not just all amazing?  I love each and every oee of them and am very happily adding them to my collection

Thank you so much to Neet, Jan, Helen, Caro, Diana & Zsuzsa

 My desk this week is still empty but plans are afoot - just waiting on a new mould to arrive and the size of it will determine my next projects

I have half a thought to Do Something that will involve fellow WOYWW'ers and maybe other crafty friends who do not blog ... but it is still all mulling around in my befuddled brain

if it goes ahead, you will be the first to know

Via, of course, our beautiful Leader & Head Desker, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground

I wasn't able to make as many ATC's as I normally due

Totally due to brain failure as I read Julia's blog each week and even screenshot all the info to have close at hand ... then a few days before last Wednesday I realised I hadn't actually made mine yet

How stupid can I get (answers on impossible to find postcards please)

So, after much tossing and turning and searching on-line for ideas at stupid o'clock I figured I should just do what I do

So I did


Happy WOYWW'ing xXx 
PS ... I had a few comments bounce back to me after my visit to your desks last week so I have no idea if my comments posted or not.  I had "Mail Delivery Status Notifications" for Appletonmob, Angelajr, Susanrenhaw & Dragonsmoore so please don't think I did not bother to visit you xXx


  1. Your ATCS are stunning and I am very proud to be one of the recipients! I loved the postcard you sent and thought that your part of Town was very pretty! Your project sounds intriguing, I like the sound of it very much, count me in!
    I don’t know why the Mail bounced back, we don’t normally have trouble communicating. I had to turn off cross site tracking on my iPad because I was having trouble commenting in some blogs a while back, don’t know if that’s affected anything?
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  2. Love how you staged the ATCs with the spanners LOL! When I opened your box, I gave an involuntary 'wow' exclamation - your ATC is in a league of its own! Then again, I knew it was going to be spectacular based on last year's experience! I do have some of those MDF ATC sized boards and I will have a go at making something like this - I feel so inspired! I know you don't blog much Debbie, but do drop in WOYWW once in a while - it's always nice hearing from you! xx zsuzsa #26

  3. The first thing I saw before the ATCs were the wrenches on your desk. I'm definitely curious about those. Loved seeing all those ATCs and postcards together, too. I absolutely adore your ATCs. They are incredible and absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm curious about your project. Happy WOYWW from # 3.

  4. Hi Debbie, I have to say your ATC was jaw droppingly amazing when I opened the box! Thank you so much - it's stunning. Your idea sounds intriguing, and a new mould sounds like an exciting new project is on the way - hope you have fun with it when it arrives,
    Have a great week,
    Diana xx #25

  5. Beautiful cards given and received. I too had issues with posting comments. mysteries of digital life! robyn 29

  6. Well, I think you know I loved your atc. Pride of place now in my craft room and I am inspired to get using all the metal stuff I have now. Won't be up to your standard but I can at least try.
    Intriguing how you are going to involve WOYWW'ers? I thought of that a year or so back with a corset I have part made. Well the corset is whole but the decoration never did get even half way around the group that was supposed to be decorating it. It crossed my mind to take it to a crop some time - I wondered if folks would work on it?
    Maybe I should take it out of its bag some time.
    Hugs, (and thanks again)
    Neet xx 1

  7. Your ATC’s are stunning, absolutely beautiful! Happy WOYWW Angela #12

  8. I was so thrilled to get your atc because it is of course, totally Debbie! Have a great week. Helen #4

  9. Loving your ATCs and the collection you have received too. No idea what was going on with the comments last week but I had some similar problems but not at all blogs. Wishing you a lovely creative woyww, Angela x19x

  10. Oh wow! Your ATCs are stunning! How lovely for the recipients. I love how each person's design is so different and yet all linked by the wonders of WOYWW! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

  11. Such stunning ATCs you made Debbie. Hope this week is better for you generally. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  12. Gorgeous ATCs, I’d spotted these cropping up in everyone’s collections.

  13. Beautiful ATCs, Debbie, both made by you and received! Thank you for visiting last week, and I'm glad you liked the kitty throw and my other projects too. My hubby loves it! So far so good regarding my appointment - they don't suspect cancer but have done a biopsy just to make sure.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #24

  14. Oh no! Thats me, dragonsmoore. I've been making comments, but often pop back to find there's no comment there, so perhaps thats why, our blogs are magnetised and stear clear of each other! Those butterfly ATC's Are more than Fabulous! Now, I know I've Posted this week, coz I've just told myself! Happy very late WOYWW?! from Me! Stay Safe, ((Lyn))#9

  15. OMG I love your ATCs! The mail bouncing back might be due to the google changes they were doing last week. Happy WOYWW! Elle #35 this week