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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

When is a brush not a brush? When it's altered!

 Am going through a bit of an altered paintbrush phase 

Finnabair did one for her Patreons and I was totally inspired so had a go

Had a couple of dodgy moments with it so TWICE walked away from it, but then got up the next morning and it sort of fell into place and I ended up really enjoying doing it - and being pleased with the result too ... think that's progress!

The focal point was a brooch I had - I used to be very into brooches - a very 80's thing and I have some beauties that will not be going anywhere near my art work but this one I felt could be repurposed  

Also  decided to Be Brave and use colours I would not normally choose - greens and purples - but it paid off as I have another favourite colour palette now

The sentiment seems to sum up how I have been feeling lately so captures a moment in time for me

 Have since done two more - the first one was a commission and the second a gift for someone going through a really tough time right now


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