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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

WOYWW 687 - Don’t fall off your chair!

 It’s me!!!
Been a while but things got pretty bad here due to my stubbornness to get help with a pressure sore on the side of my tummy but I finally reached breaking point about 6-7 weeks ago & had to admit defeat
Won’t go into all the grisly details - Sally Sore, as she has become known, appeared at the start of the pandemic & I figured my little problem was a drop in the ocean compared to Covid & aimed to manage it myself … or, rather, ourselves as Phil has been pushed to his limits too
So after two & a half years of pain that has pushed me to the very edge of what I could cope with I now have the district nurses helping me & I have finally been able to leave the bedroom after six long months & slowly, slowly things are improving - even to the point of managing three pieces of art in the last fortnight!  
Still need plenty of lie-downs when it all gets too uncomfortable but, generally, things are on the up!
Am sounding very sorry for myself but am aware of how much worse others are dealing with so do have it all in perspective I hope


So to my work desk (ok at the moment it is the dining room table) - started a new piece yesterday but didn’t think to actually photograph my desk in true WOYWW spirit so beg forgiveness - in all honesty I didn’t think I would ever get back to it so please allow me, dearest Julia, to break the rules here & just share the three pieces I have managed
Not really pleased with any of them for various reasons - composition of “Little Birds”, colours of “Computer Bug” & a few things of “Pink Bohemian” - but can live with them as I crawl my way back




All inspired by the wonderful on-line classes Finnabair does for her Patreons 

Hopefully I will remember how to link up tomorrow & may, or may not dip my toes back into the world of WOYWW - taken a few naughty words but I think I have remembered … so THE STAMPING GROUND is the place to head

Please do not feel you need to leave any comments as I have no idea if I will be in a position to make any reciprocal visits - it is just lovely to be back with inky, messy fingers again

Much love 


  1. I smiled so much when I saw your name on the Linky list, it’s just brilliant to see you back. I am sorry to hear how poorly you’ve been though, it sounds like you’re getting some good help there, hope you start feeling much better. Your art is as beautiful as it’s always been, you have such a way with all the layers and details - amazing!
    No need to return the comment, I just wanted you to know how happy I was to see you back xx
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  2. So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly and I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.
    Your computer bug design made me smile. Your art is so lovely - all the details are fascinating. No need to return the comment.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 10

  3. It is so good to see you back Debbie and please don't worry about visiting. Your projects are simply stunning and I am so glad that you are finally getting help with your pain and able to do some crafting again. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15

  4. So pleased you're back, missed you so much! The tummy thing sounds awful but at least it sounds as though you're on the mend. If I'd made those beauties I'd be more than pleased they are brilliant but I understand that we can all find faults with what we make. I think it's what spurs you on to make more. Wishing you a very happy woyww, Angela x11x

  5. Lovely to see you back and wonderful that you are on the mend. There always are people worse off, but I am not sure it makes the suffering any easier. I think your three pieces look great, my favourite being the middle one. Some two are our won worst critic. Happy WOYWW. Angela #13

  6. Debbie it is so good to see you again, but sorry you've had such a poor time of it - glad things are starting to get better. your 3 projects are all absolutely fabulous!! Take care and hope to see you again soon. Hugs. Helen #2

  7. Well I think they are all lovely, you are obviously getting better - keep it up!! Sorry to hear you you have had a rough time - hopefully you are being looked after well now. So lovely to see you, Have a great week, love n hugs Cindyxx

  8. I'm so sorry you have been in such pain for such a long time. But happy that you are seeing to it! I love all 3 of your pieces, they are all awesome, you have not lost your touch even if they don't stand up to your own standards. I think they are beautiful! I love the Computer Bug one best! Keep getting better, and hopefully we will see more of you in the coming weeks. Have a great week, Inky, Mittsy and Lindart #17

  9. I so late, sorry! also utterly thrilled to see your name on the link list Debbie. Delighted you’re seeing an improvement and can mobilise, pandemic or not, others worse off or not, if you nedped help, you should ask for it. The professionals can judge how long you should wait if at all.
    Likewise with your stunning pieces, you never think they’re 100% but those of us looking on only see loveliness, not whatever it is that you intended that may not be there or may not have gone right! One of the challenges of this crafting game continues to be getting the idea from head to fingertip! Keep on improving gal, it’s just wonderful to see you.xx

  10. I am so happy to see you here, I am breaking my rules and signing in to Google so I can comment. I am so sorry to hear what has kept you away is pain and distress! Glad you finally managed to get some help and get it sorted. Maybe by the WOYWW crop you will be feeling better? It would be lovely to see you. Having said that, we are expecting window replacement in Sept. and the date of that might screw up my trip North to attend. I am hoping not but we shall see. Your work is gorgeous as ever (I like to take out my journal and stroke it but have been far too intimidated to actually work in it for fear of messing it up :) ) and you really must accept that you are incredibly talented and worthy of praise!! If I may just wag my finger for a moment (and forgive me for doing so) if you start to recognize how very worthy you are, maybe you will stand up and ask for help sooner. Covid or no, Julia hit the nail on the head - let the pros decide if waiting is the right call!! The thought of what you have been dealing with for so very long breaks my heart. Having said that, let me end with celebrating with you the fact you are on the mend. Best news of the week. Sorry I am so very late in saying so. Big hugs and healing thoughts.
    Late, but determined to DO BETTER this week!
    Happy Tuesday! :D
    Mary Anne (3)