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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOYWW #297

My efforts to blog more regularly are failing miserably ... firstly these WOYWWednesdays roll around far too quickly ... how can it be a week already?!?!?!  Oh, hang on, it has been a fortnight for me because I missed last week ... birthday celebrations and all that!

So here I am another year older (EEK!!!!!) and certainly none the wiser but here sharing the UTTER CHAOS that is my workdesk this morning.  All left from last night as I had to stop mid-flow and knew I would be needing it all again this morning so just shut the door and left it.  What can I say?  It's a mess ... but you know when all the ideas are just flowing and you can't work fast enough to get them all out of your head and down onto card or canvas or wooden hearts ... got to say I do like my wooden hearts.

So, in order to keep this brief and keep our esteemed WOYWW leader, the gorgeous, lovely lady that is Julia over at The Stamping Ground happy I am sharing only my workdesk here this morning but am posting sneaky peeps of what I have been up to in a separate post ... can't share the whole photo's as it is stuff still under wraps until handed to the recipients.

First photo' is here in front of me ... I know, I know ... what a mess!

Second photo' is stuff piled on the chair beside me ... and daddy will need to sit on it later when he calls for his coffee and ginger nut!

And final photo' is the chair the other side of me ... words fail me really!

So apologies for the absolute jumble of my workdesk/chairs today ... I just remember all the long, bleak periods when my mojo has gone walkabout and then look at all this surrounding me and I know which way I'd rather have it!  Now then, where was I when I finished last night ... oh yes, inside of hubby's birthday card!
Happy WOYWW'ing fellow crafters!


  1. Ah it's bliss. If it works..keep going. Not in any doubt that your Papa and your darling will be happy to sit amongst it if it makes you happy! And see, for a minute there, I didn't think there was any mess because your table isn't really untidy, it's just got the stuff on that you need. ANd the chairs...well they look pretty neatly piled to me!!

  2. This is work in progress which shows a happy lady - what's wrong with that?
    As for the chairs - well, one can't be expected to keep getting up and down .... this is a craft desk not a gym!
    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #47

  3. What better place than a chair, or two to save you getting up and down looking for supplies.
    I have projects hanging around for weeks and I just close the door too

    Jan S no 54

  4. Hi Debbie, randomly scattered piles of stuff- thats normal, isn't it? I've always got mountains of stuff 'handy', lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

  5. That's the way to do it! Just pile it on the chair! It's very handy as you don't have to get up to reach for stuff. Way to go girl!
    I'm so glad you mojo is back,
    Have a good week,

  6. It looks like everything is out and you have your crafting well in hand. I can only work in chaos..lol Shel@paperoctillostudio #45

  7. It all looks just fine to me, and you need stuff within reach! Have a great weeke Helen #1

  8. I love spreading, and try to unspread a couple of times a week. If you are interested check out #71 as I have be AWOL for over a month. So great to get back in the swing of things. Happy WOYWW.

    Pat #71