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Sunday, 15 February 2015

A little Sunday blogging!

Should be preparing Sunday lunch for when daddy comes but am struggling today for some reason.  Not felt like this in over two and a half years but just really slumped today ... most odd.  Tomorrow all will be just fine I am sure.

But not today.

Can't stop crying and feeling angry and frustrated and hurt and upset ... anything else?  Oh yes, stressed. No reason for any of it other than that's how it is today.

So ... quick slap across the face with a wet trout (metaphorical of course, I don't exactly have a wet trout hanging around) and as these two canvasses were handed out as gifts yesterday I can now blog them.

Both pretty much the same and given in thanks to my dear friend Margaret Craner (Silvercrafter) and  Fi Scott ... both of whom were just so supportive and encouraging when I shared my first ever two canvasses.  I was ready to bin both pieces but they both said they would happily take them but I figured I'd hang on to them (buried in a cupboard!) so I can see if I ever get any better at them!

The colours look very wishy-washy (isn't that a character from Aladdin?) here whereas they were very much darker and deeper than this and at least three or four different gilding waxes had been applied and they don't show up at all ... I really am a rubbish photographer!

Can share some more stuff very soon as various pieces are handed over and some fairies should be heading this way at some point tomorrow ... just need to entice them over first, of course.

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  1. I love my canvas Thank you so much Debbie. Your canvasses are superb I am so glad you are not binning those first ones and that Maggie and I are not fighting for them! I look forward to seeing future work. Hugs Fi x