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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Busy Busy Busy like a little buzzy bee!

Yeah like the title says but not complaining ... not for one minute!  
Mojo has gone walkabout so many times in the past that now it is here and in full flow I aim to make the most of it!  
Can't blog the whole finished projects just yet but thought I'd get a few little peeks down in blogland ... oh, there is one card I can share as it is hubby's Valentine's Card as he won't see it here!
Just plan on getting some black gilding wax onto the black hearts  but am "having a think" ... sometimes grunge is happy being just that - grunge and doesn't need whistles and bells like gilding wax.

 Can't even say what these next three are as they are under wraps for now ... will tell all once they are out there in the big wide world ... it is with some trepidation and HUGE doubt I will be letting two of them go as the one piece is such a reflection of "me" that I feel I am kinda, sorta baring my soul by letting it go.  All three of these are versions of the wooden hearts I find I like to work on and I have recently been nudged in this direction by the lovely Sally-Ann Hanes ... she most certainly has boosted my confidence recently and I just hope I don't let her down with the one project.
Can't say more for now but all will be revealed!

Oh yes!!! I have discovered Grunge Paste!!!!!
Ok, when I say "discovered" I mean finally plucked up the courage to open the pot I have had for a while now.
First tentative steps were made a couple of weeks ago on the canvasses I blogged already but since then there has been no stopping me and I am loving the stuff ... at the moment if I can get grunge paste onto anything then I will!

All three projects above have it smeared and splodged and stencilled on and with a bit of luck I will have two more canvasses done by tonight ... hopefully!

Better crack on then ... this little bee needs to get buzzing!

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  1. I like the busy busy Debbie, so positive with no hint of self doubt. Go for it, girl. I guess you will be getting another pot of grunge paste very soon? xx Maggie
    PS I have not yet posted today, but hope to do so later today.