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Monday, 9 March 2015

Time ... if only ...

Been working on a canvas all afternoon ... kinda, sorta knew where I wanted it to go and kinda, sorta got there but it is not quite as I had hoped.  

After seeing a canvas my friend did she very kindly lent me her clock stencil ... wasn't too sure at that point quite what I'd do with it but then inspiration struck and so out came the inkpads and now my fingers very much match the canvas but hey, all good fun!

Nothing dreadfully challenging about any of the techniques so won't bore you with a rundown of how I did this or that and I used so many Distress Inks I can't now recall which they were ... certainly my current favourite Evergreen Bough along with Iced Spruce and Gathered Twigs ... but there are also a couple more thrown in there too.  

My new favourite stuff to use is Grunge Paste so that is what got squidged through that wonderful clock stencil and I used one of my own Tim Holtz layering stencils for the background.  Raided hubby's washers box for the only rusty washers he had ... a most disappointing collection I have to say considering he has hundreds of the things and they have remained unused for the last 40 years or so ... oh yes, and how come the moment I start rooting through them to find any I might want to use he hovers behind me making sure I don't take the VERY ONE that he might use one day!  

Oh, I've not yet said, have I?  The canvas is for my mommy and the numbers are the date and time I lost her ... didn't want them as a date and time though - that would be far too painful a reminder ... so applied them quite randomly. I always intended to apply numbers and was just going to use any old numbers but then at the last moment I knew what I wanted to do.

Also intended to use a different quote ... one that was a bit of a turning point for me but will save that for another time (no pun intended!) - this quote seemed more appropriate for this canvas.

Bit drained and emotional now but "ok" ... I can do something like this nowadays, had a bit of a weep as I showed it to hubby and explained about the numbers but am now able to put it aside and move on.

And I am about to move on to Fairies!  Can't go wrong with fairies and back to my favourite wooden hearts!

Love and miss you so very much mommy.

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  1. Hi Debbie, beautiful canvas, and what an awesome quote for it. Lovely to have made something so meaningful, and how wonderful that you felt able to do so. You should be very proud of this particular milestone. She would be so proud of you,I'm sure, to have reached this point. Love and hugs, Shaz xxx