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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Getting it wrong

This is one of those projects that, no matter how much I tweaked it, I couldn't get it anywhere near close to what I wanted.  Nobody who has seen it really liked it despite their polite comments ... and some not so polite as I'd rather they be honest and not say they like it when they don't.  Gave it as a present but will have to chalk it up to the learning curve and either not go down this route again EVER or try again and hope to Do Better next time.

My eldest nephew turned 30 last week and his girlfriend is celebrating her 21st today so I thought I'd make them "matching but different" canvasses ... not my best idea as my canvasses are not to everyone's taste and I think I should stick to regular gifts like socks or chocolates in future.

The Roman numerals represent their ages but that's as themed as they got ... oh on nephews canvas is a tiny garden rake and three little feet as he is a podiatrist who likes to do gardening ... at least there were three feet but now there seems to be only two - one must have fallen off when I tipped off the millions and millions of micro-beads that missed the glue into the rubbish bin!

This little canvas I made for my friend's birthday and the photo' is of her daughters.  
Not often - if ever - I say this but I was ok with how this one turned out.
The colours are much more vibrant than they show up here and I had a mini-breakdown when the top left hand edge turned out way, way too pink but after living with it for a while I came to even like that bit!


  1. Hi Debbie, this learning curve can get a bit like a ski slope sometimes, can't it? lol. Personally, I have to say that I love them all, and I'm not just being nice, thats said from the perspective of someone who totally believes I could not create something that looks as beautiful and cohesive as your canvases do!. I will have a go, one day, but I'm already pretty sure it will look like I just upended a drawer full of tat onto a canvas covered in glue, lol. Everything on your pieces just looks as though they belong together, so effortlessly. Love and Hugs, xxxxx

  2. I am just the same, Shaz. They all look beautiful to me. I have tried to do something similar, but while Debbie just sits quietly and creates a masterpiece, mine still looks like a random collection of unrelated "stuff" with no real pattern to it at all. The last time we did a canvas together at a workshop, Debbie's was a beautiful finished creation. Mine has been languishing in a box, and I have now painted it black all over, ready to start the painting again. Debbie, people are NOT BEING POLITE, THEY REALLY LIKE THEM!!!!!!! xxx Maggie