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Saturday, 13 February 2016

For my Valentine

Ok, Ok I know there are two cards here and I do only have one Valentine but I got to messing around with stuff that crackles and, well, used the card for himself as a means to just let-go and have a play!  

Himself will either end up with two cards or I shall choose between them at the last minute ... think I know which one it will be but time will tell!

 Got to say I do love a bit of crackle!

This is the one himself will probably be getting ... was the one intended for him from the start.

 Close up of the crackles ... going to be using this a whole lot more from here on in!  
It is Art Basics Clear Crackle Glaze.
Have always used pots and pots of Ranger's Clear Rock Candy which gives delicate little crackles but after all these years figure it is time to move up into the world of LARGE crackles ... can't wait!!!!!

I use a lot of keys in my projects and had a delivery just as I started on these tags ... almost fell of my chair when I found the key below ... it was a sign!

So ...Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. Lovely as always, will Phil appreciate it, I hope so! I haven't bothered this year....but it's ok, nor will he have.again!