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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

WOYWW # 353

So what is on my workdesk this Wednesday ... nothing! Nuffin'! Nowt!

OK ... there is my Big Shot and as many scraps of white card needing using up that I could find as I need to cut out around 3,000 little cogs.

Cutting them out isn't the problem ... can cut 18 at a time as I have two sets of dies but then sitting with the pokey tool extracting them from the dies is a whole new ball game.

Takes bloomin' ages and the edges of the dies, being crinkly, make my fingers sore!

So, I do as many as I can until my fingertips lose all feeling and then take a break. 
Time is on my side with this little project so am not in a panic or rush to get them done ... rather stupidly thought Monday would be cogs day ... yeah, right.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look like being cogs days too.

So, you don't want to see a photo' of a Big Shot and a pile of card so, instead, will share a couple of cards I made over the weekend.

Not my normal or preferred style but am planning on having a little fundraising coffee morning later in the year, all in aid of Rethink and in memory of our nephew, and I need to make cards that will appeal to a wide range of all the lovely folk whom I hope will pop along.

These first two were my take on cards done a Clarity East Midlands workshop and which I didn't get round to doing in class.  Thanks to the wonderful Sally-Ann Moore and Kim Shaw for the designs for these.

Then, of course, once the shaving foam was out I got a bit carried away Making Backgrounds so did a few more cards for the coffee morning.

I shall attempt to get back to any visitors ... I have been having trouble with any comments I leave on many blogs "bouncing back" to me in an email as "undeliverable" and I have absolutely no idea how to sort that out so please do not think I am ignoring you ... I really will attempt to reciprocate your visit.

For those of you whom do not know about WOYWW then head over to our wonderful host, Julia at The Stamping Ground where all will become clear.

Happy WOYWW'ing!


  1. Beautiful cards. I love my dies and I love the look of intricate designs but I hate getting all the little pieces out. Good luck!
    Diane - WOYWW #38

  2. The cards are lovely Debbie. Well done for going out of your normal style. All the best with those cogs!! 3000 sounds an awful lot to cut out.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  3. Why do you need 3000 cogs? Have you tried using baking paper in between the die and paper, makes it a lot easier to peel of fiddly bits. Those butterfly cards are awesome. Happy WOYWW from Vicky#8

  4. 3000 little cogs is enough to make anyone go crazy! Even if you do 100 a day you would need 30 days to do it! Yikes! Love the cards and can't wait to find out what you do with the cogs! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #47

  5. Love your cards!!I don't know what cogs are but 3000 of them sounds like a lot. I do know about getting messy... I do that well!
    Happy Creating to you!

  6. Hi Debbie, love those cards. Gorgeous shaving foam backgrounds, I've bought some cheap shaving foam from Tesco to have a go at some, I'll get around to it one of these days. Don't know if you've heard this tip, but running your dies through the machine with either waxed paper, or used tumble drier sheets makes the die cuts pop out easier. I've even tried it with unused drier sheets, and that works too. I had tobuy some from Tesco as we no longer have a separate tumble drier. lol. Huge hugs to you my friend, Shaz xxx

    1. The cheap shaving foam is exactly the right one, Shaz. The more expensive ones to not work as well as they usually contain some kind of conditioning which interferes with what we need. See you on Sunday. xx Maggie

  7. there are a few blogs I visit that I get that message too, but on the times I've checked, the comment has posted anyway... love your cards!! Helen #21

  8. I love the shaving foam cards! Perfect with those butterflies! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #67

  9. 3000? Blimey, that's a lot of cogs. Hope your fingers hold out ok. 😳
    But I love those shaving foam cards so much, they'll sell like hot cakes 🎂🍰🍩

    Hope you're ok and keeping well and happy,
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  10. Beautiful cards.

    That sounds like a lot of cogs. I can understand why your fingers would ache. Yikes!

    Sharon K #48

  11. I would lose the will to live, having to cut out all those cogs. That was horrendous to do. Try waxed paper between the die and your paper. That works quite well. Then you need one of those brushes and a mouse mat, and you can brush most of the bits out more easily. xxx Maggie #25

  12. Those shaving foam backgrounds are tremendous! Such beautiful cards.
    Oh my! Good luck with those cogs. I agree with Maggie C; I always use wax paper dor intricate dies and they release a treat. Give it a go.
    Sharon xx #50

  13. Sounds as if Blogger may be having a minor hiccup. I like your cards, especially the backgrounds. I am gearing up to use some new paint for a similar process in upcoming weeks.