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Friday, 15 July 2016

Heartfelt Thanks

Wanted to thank a few people so had a bit of a marathon wooden heart making session.
Loved every moment.
Because this is what I just love to do!
Give me a heap of bits & bobs, a sheet of MDF and a whole load of inks and mica powders and I am one very happy bunny.

Next stage spritzing & squirting!

Then they are mica'd & a touch of glitter.
Am not a glitter person.
But sometimes needs must.
And this time just a little was needed.

Apart from the rusty one.
That will never need glitter.
Thank goodness.

Promised a few friends details of what colours I used so here goes:
I had a sort of plan.

There was one large heart.
8 medium sizes ones.
And 9 little dinky ones.

I wanted them the same, but different.
Like that makes sense.
SOooooo ...  the medium ones were made up of colours taken from those used on the large heart.
Well, it made sense at the time.
And kinda worked.

Colours used on the large heart were:
Distress Spray Stain
Chipped Sapphire * Bundled Sage * Faded Jeans * Stormy Sky
Dusty Concord * Fossilized Amber * Evergreen Bough
Peacock Feathers * Broken China

Prima Colour Bloom Spray
Pressed Petal * Berry Wise * Mustard Yellow

Prima Art Ingredients Mica Powder
Sunny Yellow * Bottle Green * Teal * Frozen Lake
Purple * Deep Water 
Green Opal Magic * Lilac Opal Magic

You are going to ask which of those I used on the large heart, aren't you?
Er, ALL of them ... yeah, really!!!!!

So, on the other hearts I picked out some of the colours so they all sort of came together as a collection.

Colours on this one were:
Bundled Sage * Faded Jeans * Stormy Sky * Peacock Feathers
Chipped Sapphire * Broken China
whichever mica powders matched.

Colours on this one were:
Fossilized Amber * Mustard Yellow *Chipped Sapphire 
Evergreen Bough * Stormy Sky * Faded Jeans * Bundled Sage
And again whichever mica powders matched.

Colours on this one were:
Bundled Sage * Chipped Sapphire * Peacock Feathers 
Dusty Concord * Pressed Petal * Broken China
Also matching mica powders.

Oh the mica powders are diluted in water by the way.
Or gin.
I often use gin as it evaporates faster than water.

That is an old photo' but evidence of my use of the gin!

Had never done ones this small before but shall certainly do more.

Colours here are:
Fossilized Amber * Mustard Yellow * Chipped Sapphire
Broken China * Bundled Sage
And yes, micas to match.

Figured the blokes would not appreciate flowers so got the rust vibe going:

Only colours used here were mica powders:
Rust * Copper * Bottle Green * Teal
and Rust Paste from Prima.
Tons of it.

I used Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel through the stencils.

Think that covers everything.
Do please ask if you want any further info - am always happy to try and help!


  1. Hi Debbie, my those are gorgeous. Stunning. Wonderful. Incredible. And so on!Can you tell I like them yet? :) Distress stain sprays are going to be my next investment, clearly.XXXX Shaz

    1. OR if you have any sort of reinkers you can use drops of those in either water or gin in a spritzer bottle. xXx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. LOVE!!! Your work is so amazing. I would have never guessed that there are circuit boards in your work if I hadn't see it with my own eyes. I have some old electronics that needed tossing and now I know to take them apart first. Is there any good tutorials or a place to learn these techniques that you use online that you recommend?