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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Another Finnabair Experience!

Seemed to take forever to come around but then, of course, was over in a flash!

Another ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS set of five workshops with the AMAZING Finnabair and this time was enjoyed with no nerves - just huge excitement!

First did two workshops with Finn back in June 2015 when we went up to Harrogate so I could dip my toes in the water - came away regretting only having booked two of her four workshops that weekend but it was a lesson learned so when she came closer to home in February of this year I had no hesitation booking the whole weekend and put my name down before I left for when she returned in November.

This time FIVE classes over three days so a total immersion in everything Finnabair and I LOVED every minute and would do it all again tomorrow.

First project on the Friday was an altered book.
Fin names all her projects and this one is called
"Rust Affection"

And I do have a great affection for her magic little pots of rust paint.
Everso slightly addicted to it.
With no desire for a cure.

On Saturday morning we made
"Heart of Clock"

And if we thought cutting out all the pages of the book was time consuming we had no idea painting everything black on this would take so long! Every bead, leaf & tendril ... but well worth all the effort!

Saturday afternoon saw us tackle

Similar to previous canvasses done with Fin so I went my own way a little bit and made a slightly different layout.

Was pleased with this but wish I had used different colours.
Went for my "comfort zone" colours and should have dared to try something new.  Will do next time!

Sunday morning and a project I had been wanting to do since the first time I saw it 

Knowing the story behind the design just had me wanting to do it even more!
The panels on the side represent magical gates (channel your Indiana Jones vibes here!) that open to reveal treasure that gives off an explosion of light.

Of course, being an artist there is no treasure greater than a paintbrush but I have to admit to a meltdown with this piece and a yell across the room to Finn to come and help me out and only by taking my paintbrush in her talented hands did she rescue this for me.

She says otherwise and it was just that I had stopped too soon - but I really thought I had messed up big time and just deflated.
Do actually like it now though - and that is real progress for me!

Sunday afternoon saw our last project

This turned out to be one of my ALL TIME favourites and something I enjoyed doing more than pretty much anything else I had ever done.

Still got nails covered in sculpture medium (but Finn did warn us to wear gloves - which I did, but they leaked  so I abandoned them and just went for it!)
The tablespoon was one of my grandmother's that I have used this past 27 years but, whilst thinking about what to use on this project, felt the time was right to let it go!  
So that very precious spoon represents my most beloved grandmother and the little spoon is me - wrapped together with wire and gauze forever. And the little heart balancing on the bowl of the tablespoon speaks for itself.

Can't wait to do another one of these - can easily see how it can be improved but I do love it just as it is.
And I have never EVER said that before!

Alas, Finnabair is not back near to me next year but I have signed up for the Applied Creativity in 3 Acts
workshops where Finn is one of the teachers - along with Marta Laprowska & France Papillon and I absolutely can't wait!

Will end by saying Finn has no idea the impact she has had on my crafting and art work ... I would NEVER have dared to use the word "art" about anything I do having been told over and over again that my art is rubbish or never quite right or would be better if I did this or that.

Well, this is what I do - and it is art - art that calls to me and gives me joy to make and it doesn't really matter if others don't "get it" - I get it and it changed my life.

Thank you Finnabair!


  1. What fabulous projects, Debbie. Love them! Mxx

  2. Hi Debbie, first off, wonderful projects, love them all. Second, probably the lost important to me, is what Finnabair has done for your mindset! Wonderful that you are starting to appreciate what you do as much as the rest of us do. Sod the odd naysayers- I love the last sentence in the post. Lots of love to you Debbie. xxxxx