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Monday, 30 January 2017

System Breakdown

Had this one in mind for a very long time
Started it
Lost track
Lost confidence
Threw it in the cupboard for months and months

Was given more treasure disguised as broken laptops
So thought ... What The Heck 
and just went for it

One of the very - VERY - rare occasions I finish something and am actually quite pleased with it

Nothing amazing  
just sticking stripped down laptops and pc's back together 
and squirting and spritzing 
but that is what I love to do

I deliberately did not get carried away adding anything other than what came out of a couple of stripped down laptops and pc's 
 I so wanted to add cogs and other bits & bobs but was very disciplined with myself and wanted only to represent when such devices go wrong  
So all the pieces are genuine
(hubby tells me there are a few typewriter parts that got mixed up but I can live with that mistake)

All Prima Marketing products for Finnabair
Heavy Black Gesso, Heavy Body Gel, 3D Gloss Gel, 
Mica powders : Rust, Bottle Green, Teal, Deep Waters
Rust Paste Trio
Metallique Steampunk Copper Acrylic Paint


  1. Awesome Debbie, I'm just amazed at what you can create from a load of old scrap! Plus, you're doing the environment a favour! Huge Hugs, Shaz xxxxx

  2. This is so fabulous Debbie. I think Finn would be well impressed. You should be on her design team. I can't stop looking at all the layered parts. It's wonderful. But I'm even more pleased that you love it too.