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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Denim dreams

Ok, it was supposed to be a dream
but turned into a nightmare
well, kinda
in the grand scheme of things it is just a canvas 
and a bit of time spent messing around 
so a disappointment rather than a nightmare perhaps

I was totally inspired by Finnabair's denim journal and knew I wanted to stick a piece of denim to a canvas
that was the easy bit & as far as I got
worked on it for two days then lost my way with it last night
hated it
knew what I wanted to do but no idea how to achieve it
just "doing it" wasn't helping
sat staring at it for a long, long time
sat staring at all the pots of gel and paste
inks and paints

not a clue!
but really should have by now
so had a mini-meltdown on FB
and encouraged by wonderful friends approached it afresh this morning

taken all day to tweak it
paint it out
tweak some more

but finally figured enough was enough and can do no more
can see so, so many errors in it
but ... sit down for this folks ...
don't hate it anymore!

The denim is actually dark blue but shows almost black here
If it photographs any better tomorrow in the daylight then I will pop back and edit this post

note: have popped back and edited
replaced original large photo' to show better colours
but have left the close-up shots 

Stretched canvas : Piece of denim
Black Archival Inkpad
Tim Holtz Flourish Stencil
Stamp from Finnabair - no idea what it is called
Art Basics (Finnabair / Prima Marketing) 
White Gesso : Soft Gloss Gel: Heavy Body Gel : 3D Gloss Gel
Art Ingredients (Finnabair / Prima Marketing)
Mica powders : Bottle Green, Green Opal Magic, Lilac Opal Magic, Deep Water, Purple, Frozen Lake, Teal
Glass Glitter : Midnight Blue
Micro Beads : Berry
Melange Art Pebbles
Art Alchemy (Finnabair / Prima Marketing)
Metallique Acrylic Paint : Deep Water, Vintage Rose, Pink Blue, 
Silver Spoon, Violet Green
Ranger Distress Spray Stain
Broken China, Stormy Sky, Evergreen Bough, Dusty Concord
Wilted Violet, Faded Jeans,  Bundled Sage
Perfect Pearls Mists
Blue Raspberry, Grape Fizz, Mint
Prozac, Jack Daniels


  1. I think it looks a dream... glad you slept on it... x

  2. It looks great, you are far too critical of your work (we all do that, but you do it more than most! Your work is staggeringly good) SO glad you kept at it. You can always do another one......!!

  3. I love it Debbie, so glad you stuck with it. The colours work very well together, they pop and blend at the same time while being muted at the same time (I almost sound like i know what i am talking about) ha ha

  4. Oh my word Donna, this canvas is SO beautiful I love the texture and way the colours have blended, so glad you slept on it and came back to it, x