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Monday, 15 June 2020

Giveaway #11 - Hanging Heart

Week number 11 already ... can you believe that?
It is most odd that, on one hand, time seems to have stood still
yet on the other it is simply flying by

There is a lot going on in my mind right now
just when I thought I had calmed down a little and was getting to grips with
all that is going on along comes a whole new wave of emotions
utter sadness for the now more than 41,000 people who have died
just can't get my head around it
anger & rage at the utter idiots who think it ok to congregate with no 
thought to social distancing - isn't that a horrible, horrible phrase?!?
anger & rage that this is happening in the first place
despair that it will ever go away and I will get to hug and kiss my family
again ... all of us crammed around the dining table sitting kneee-to-knee and
elbow to elbow as we share roast dinners or pizza
& grief for all that is lost and for what now never will be

But I know it's not just me feeling like that
even the most strong people I know feel the same

So, for now, I shall continue with my little giveaway project
for it surely has helped me enormously
giving me something on which to focus & be motivated
& a routine to the week

Just a little hanging heart this week

 12cm (4" polystyrene heart)
Metal butterfly
Scraps : Lace / Cheesecloth / Beads
Powertex Universal Medium - Black
Anna Marie - Crushed Ice Crystals
FINNABAIR (Prima Marketing) :
Art Basics : 3D Gloss Gel / Heavy Body Gel / Heavy Gesso - Black
Art Alchemy Metallique Paint :
Deep Waters / Emerald Green / Soft Satin / Crocus Fields
Art Alchemy Opal Magic Acrylic Paint :
Violet Green / Yellow Blue / Green Gold
Art Alchemy metallique Wax :
Aged Brass / Vintage Gold / Rich Copper / Electric Violet / Peacock
Old Denim 
Antique Brilliance Wax : Amethyst Magic
Opal Magic Wax : Blue Velvet
Art Ingredients Mica Powder : Purple / Copper
Prima Donna Purple / Mountain Lavendar Gold
Milk Chocolate Brown / Bayou Boogie Copper / Cowabunga Copper

***Winner was Linda Lueck***

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