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Friday, 6 November 2020


Had been wanting to do another altered book for a while but was waiting for inspiration to strike

Strike it did but, despite having done two in-person classes with Finnabair and then a couple more books, this didn't turn out quite as hoped

But, having said that, I can live with it and have ended up quite pleased with it

As always, the photo's do not show it very well - it does actually look a little bit better in real life ... honest!

 I chose one of my favourite carols and am currently obsessed with these Quirky Houses so was happy to have an excuse to use them on another project

It is actually more blue than it appears here and the inside is very much more sparkly - the trees and the snowdrift realy do glisten

 Had the book stashed away in my cupboard for a couple of years now but absolutely could not believe my eyes when I saw the title ...



Just what are the chances of that?

Prior to March it would have had no significance at all 

I even put it back in the cupboard not feeling able to use it but told Anna (Finnabair) about it and we decided I should use it and obliterate it and hope it turns the tide in what we are all facing right now

Got to admit to enjoying obliterating that title!


FINNABAIR (Prima Marketing)
Art Basics Heavy Gesso - Black
Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel
Moon & Stars Mould
Art Alchemy Opal Magic Wax - Turquoise Satin / Green Brocade
Art Alchemy Brilliance Wax - Amethyst Magic
Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - Old Silver
Art Alchemy Metallique Paint - White Pearl 
Art Ingredients Mica Powder - Pale Silver / Green Opal Magic
Frozen Lake / Purple
Mechanicals - Wings
Frolic in the forest black / Voodoo Violet Blue
Quirky Houses Clock Tower
Woodlands Tree Lot / Baroque Frames 
Festive Adornments TH93990
Floral Adornments TH93789

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