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Sunday, 12 January 2014

End of Christmas

Well this post will see me finally put the Christmas crafting behind me ... just a few photo's to add and then that will be it!

Firstly the little stockings with their ribbon loops and the labels sewn on the back.

Then I make lots of these little puffy pillows each year but only ever three of one design ... I give one to my sister, keep one for my tree and hang the third in our garden in a special place in memory of our mommy.  I used to take them to the cemetery each Christmas Day and hang them in the bushes near to where her ashes were scattered but, of course, they eventually get removed and thrown away. 

And finally I make something each year for close family and in memory of my nephew ... I like to think of him now flying free and always make something with a dove ... there were 11 of these given this Christmas.

I didn't photograph all the cross-stitch pictures I did as gifts ... had them wrapped before remembering and wasn't about to unwrap them just to get a photo!  I did manage to get a photo of this one though ... stitched for a friend I had not yet met in memory of the little angel-baby she lost.  On special dates she lets go heart shaped helium balloons and whilst searching for something else I came across this design and just knew I had to stitch it for her.

I got to meet her for the first time on Christmas Eve when I popped it to her door.

So my Christmas crafting is over for another year and I must remind myself to either start MUCH earlier this year or not aim to make quite so much.  Might have said already that I made around 72 presents this year and wore myself to a frazzle ... sore and bleeding fingers, aching neck muscles and backache and headaches and the stresses of fearing you won't get it all done in time.

Will I do it all again this year?  Most probably!   

Belated Happy New Year to everyone in blogland.  xXx

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