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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Well here it is again ... another wonderful WOYWW !!!!  For anyone wondering that stands for WHAT'S ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY ... a chance to pop along and visit fellow crafters in blogland via the inspired Julia's Stamping Ground which you can find HERE

My workdesk at the  moment is still the dining room table as it is waaaayyyyyyy to cold to work out in the conservatory (which we always call The Hut by the way!) and as I haven't yet got going with my crafting today everything is still piled up from last night.

But, hey-ho, a workdesk is a workdesk so am prepared to share.

The picture above shows the anniversary cards for this year that I just need to assemble ... only 20 this year so will have them done by tonight (she said hopefully!!!)  Needed to keep them quick and simple and these are about as quick and simple as you can get.  You can also see my card list for this year ... and the sheet has lots of lovely green highlights on it showing that ll the ladies cards for this year are now done!!!!  

The other sheet of paper is what stopped me crafting last night when I had a message from my newly qualified Podiatrist nephew who needed a form "tweaking" ... needless to say said form got completely redesigned in true auntie style and now it sits awaiting his approval this morning.  He did approve the design via FB last night but has yet to see a paper copy ... fingers crossed it needs no further tweaking!

The stuff on the tray in this other picture is what I was working on before I remembered I have an anniversary in January!  Was stuck for an idea for the cards for all the men this year but then came across Tim Holtz's first tag of 2014 and knew my problems were solved.  Sent for the dies and all the other bits 'n' bobs required but did not like the first two I made so have had to tweak ... I do a lot of tweaking!

I did not like the foil he used so have settled for a simple black outline of the pocket-watches.  Still have yet to quite get them together but they will be back in action tomorrow once the anniversary cards are completed.

I will post photo's of both once I am happy with them.

So there you go ... enjoy your crafting and Happy WOYWW'ing!!!!!


  1. Love all TH ideas but like you I wasn't fussed with the foil. It will be great to see the finished project. Sandra @28

  2. Love your Tim box there! I haven't started my tag yet, as I didn't have a die, so I ordered a mini pocket watch die, as the other size was gone when I tried. Oh well, it will be good for cards too I guess. Love how your tag is coming along. I am seeing the ticket stub you used and it reminds me that I have a ton of those and should use them! Enjoy the week! Winnie#64

  3. I look forward to seeing your finished TH tag and card. How organised to get all the cards done at the start of the year - brilliant! #41

  4. Well Debbie, I don't quite know what to say - a list of
    the year's cards...some of them already completed...what if you change your mind?!! terribly impressive, if not a little scarey!

  5. Had to pop back as I am chuckling over the TH addiction. I thought I would share an old post of my room and the TH shrine my hubby likes to call it (and hubby built it for me...ha...)


  6. Lots going on here Debbie- very organised with a birthday list for the whole year. That sounds like a very good idea! lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #33

  7. Very organised getting cards ready ahead of time. Karen #36

  8. busy looking desk today. I have my table all piled up with stuff and the desk too...oh well a girls gotta have fun! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #104

  9. Sounds like you are very busy! Hope you finished all those anniversary cards.
    Happy very belated WIYWW!
    Tertia #77

  10. Try this blog post too, Debbie. http://inkymits.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/too-good-for-bin-me-thinks.html

  11. wow you blow me away with your hyper organisation Debbie how amazing is that??
    May you come over this way and give a hand?
    My middle name is Procrastinator... list making okay, but not so good on doing :D

    ... and trust the file page passed muster :D thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x

  12. I love to tweak! You sound like you are having a load of fun! Patsy