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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Branching out

Nope ... not a tree in sight!  The branching out refers to me pushing myself totally out of my comfort zone and using different colours!  

Have blogged many times about stuff done using my much loved browns & blues ... but they are not everyone's cup of tea so I figured I needed to broaden my horizons and experiment!

Still deciding if they work or not ... they are quite bright (for me!) and, of course, in real life they don't look anything like they do on the screen - arty nephew saw them in the flesh today and he liked the colours so I shall continue to experiment !!!!

A reminder of my preferred colours though ... just to give me the tingle I lacked with the blues & purples!


  1. Hi Debbie, love the colours you've branched out into.Have to admit to being a fan of blue and purple though! Its the only time I'll really ever use pink, in between blue & purple. Really like the green splash too- I'm a big green fan, not often people will use it. Huge hugs and lots of love, Shaz xxxxx

  2. Loving your new colours and it's always good to branch out every now and again xx