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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Clarity Challenge CLOCKS

Ok I thought I had this one sussed as soon as I saw the theme for the May Clarity Challenge only to then go into complete meltdown as I realised I was on the wrong track with my thoughts. I had confused CLOCKS with TIME ... duh!!!!!

A quick stress to the wonderful MaggieC (Silvercrafter) and she said to go with it and just get my piece done and enter ... so I have.

This is such a personal piece for me to make ... a real representation of my horrible journey through grief after losing mommy - it is an expansion on an earlier piece I did so even if I have missed the brief for this month's challenge it was one of those projects I just felt compelled to do.

The first panel pretty much speaks for itself ... the cogs and gears seemed to place themselves and kinda represent the tears that have flowed.  The numbers represent the date and time I lost her but they are jumbled up as I did not want an "in your face" reminder.  The little fob watch is stopped five minutes before she died .. oh, if only!

The second panel shows another very favourite verse that I have always loved and seemed to fit very well inbetween the other two verses.  The broken watch parts, I hope, represent the infinity and eternity mentioned in the verse.

The third panel represents the start of things getting better for me.
Our favourite TV show is "Criminal Minds" and they always say a quote at the beginning and end of each episode. I had tingles when I heard this one and kept playing it back over and over and eventually Googled it.  This quote changed my life and speaks for itself.

It most certainly was "MY MOMENT OF CLARITY" and from there on in I knew everything would, eventually, be ok.


  1. What a lovely project lot of work went into this and it played off good luck in clarity challenge xx

  2. Debbie, I think you have taken the brief and represented it very well - I think this is lovely, and the fact that you have been able to show your journey in your art is telling me all I need to know about you. This piece is wonderful my friend, wonderful.
    Much Love

  3. I love your project for the artwork and the fact that you've been able to express your grief through it too! You are a truly amazing lady xx

  4. A truly beautiful piece of Art. Beautiful in the expression of your grief. Hugs.

  5. A beautiful, moving and very personal project - thank you for sharing. How could you ever have doubted its relevance to the Challenge theme? - it fits perfectly.

  6. Debbie this is amazing and a beautiful way of expressing your loss. Thank you for being courageous enough to share it. xx

  7. This is a great piece of art Debbie and although it speaks of a difficult and painful journey, it is thing of beauty. I hope you found peace in making it. Thanks for entering the Clarity challenge, and good luck. Xxx

  8. I think this is wonderful. I know it is expressing your grief, something I can relate to, but still a beautiful piece of work. Good Luck Debbie.

  9. This is such a wonderful tribute and each small detail I hope, begins to offer you some healing. You have made me think deeply and I recognise a path I can perhaps now follow. Thank you, Debbie. ;~}

  10. This is such an emotive piece Debbie. Art is the perfect way to express feelings and emotions and I can see this has been created with loving thoughts and memories of your Mum.
    Never doubt that others will admire your creations - you are a very talented lady and this is a perfect piece for the clocks challenge!
    Thank you for sharing this very special artwork with us, and good luck in the challenge xxx

  11. Oh Debbie, this is such a beautiful piece. You can see the love that has gone into producing this. It's a perfect representation of your grief, and I am so sorry for your sad loss. I too am a fan of Criminal Minds, and love the quotes. Xx
    Amanda xx

  12. Hiya Debbie. Meant to leave you a comment before I went on holiday so please forgive me for being so late. This is a wonderfully beautiful piece of artwork. A very emotive piece too. I love everything about it. Wishing you the best of luck in the challenge. xxx