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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Birthday Clarity Crafters Nottingham!

Having PROMISED to NEVER EVER EVER (get my drift?!?!?) attend another workshop of ANY kind EVER again I was encouraged to go along with my dear friend Margaret (Silvercrafter) to a Clarity workshop and whilst I was not there from the start I now go along as often as I can and was delighted to find that 1st Birthday celebrations were upon us!  Delight was soon followed by disappointment when I found that celebrations clashed with throwing daddy on a helicopter as a birthday gift to him ... BUT we had a wonderful day yesterday and took him out to lunch afterwards so all worked out just the way they should.

Anyway, am rambling ... I do ramble I'm afraid.  

Even though I couldn't be at the workshop yesterday I made Birthday Celebration Tags for everyone and a canvas each for the lovely, lovely Sazz and equally lovely, lovely Kimmie.

LOVED making these tags ... back to my much preferred default colours and having recently discovered spray inks (all Sazz's fault!!!!) I went to town with them and these are my first efforts using spray inks ... quite a few now seem to have found their way into my cupboard ... er, so have Brushos (all Margaret's fault!!!!!) but that is a ramble for another time.

Get through tubs and tubs of the stuff but this was my first time embossing onto Grunge Paste ... LOVED IT!!!!!

Tried to pick words that sum up Clarity Crafters Nottingham for me ... 

All equally important but the hugs, laughter and support are what have come to mean the most!

And simply have to mention dearest daddy ... this is one my favourite photo's of him from yesterday ... Top Gun Daddy waiting for his flight!


  1. These tags were wonderful, I loved mine which at the moment is displayed on a coffee table in my lounge. Think I need a little easel for it. Thankyou so much. x

  2. You are a very talented lady and a cherished part of our Clarity Nottingham workshop. Every one loved their tags and Kimmy and I were deeply touched by our presents too.

    I'm pleased that the weather was good enough for your Dad to enjoy his flight and that you all had a good day.

    Love you loads xx

  3. Debbie, I missed you yesterday, and absolutely love my gifts which, when I have finally moved, will take pride of place in my crafting room. Our clarity classes are hugs first craft second!
    Much Love
    Kimmy xxxx